18 lessons from 2018

So here is my annual start of the year post in which I spill little tidbits of things I learned over this past year and boy oh boy was it over the top with lessons learned. I want to keep this post short and simple because I hope to do a post elaborating on each individually later throughout the year. So without any fancy intro, here are 18 things I learned this past year:

Christmas Wishlist 2018

It's post Thanksgiving break so that means it's *finally* socially acceptable for me to start posting Christmas content...right? Right. I have plans for gift guide to come, and a post on how my roommate and I decked out our room in the sorority house for Christmas, but until then I've rounded up a few of my own wished for items for Christmas this year. As I've gotten older it always seems harder to pick out things I want that I can get daily use out of.