Coming Back from The Brink of Burnout

As you can imagine and I'm sure lots of you relate to, being a full time student, working a part time job, holding leadership positions, and managing to find time to eat and sleep and catch up on your friends' lives seems nearly impossible most days until it's all done and we pass out .5 seconds after climbing into bed. I KNOW lots of you can relate because our generation. Loves. To. Be. "Busy." Being "busy" and "stressed" has almost turned into a fad and trend of our generation, and frankly, it SUCKS!!!

January Recap

I saw it all over social media and I agree completely, January was an entire year within itself! KU didn't go back until the 22nd, and literally the past two weeks of school have somehow felt like an entire semester to me! I am in my third semester in the School of Education, which means I get the pleasure of only having T/Th classes, but 7 straight hours of them nonetheless. We are all anxious to get our classroom placements for practicum this upcoming semester in 3rd-5th grade, I'll make sure to keep you updated! (Speaking of that, do I have any other Elementary Ed majors that would like me to do posts dedicated to questions or school topics?! I'm a major nerd about it, but if anyone is interested I'd love to!

18 lessons from 2018

So here is my annual start of the year post in which I spill little tidbits of things I learned over this past year and boy oh boy was it over the top with lessons learned. I want to keep this post short and simple because I hope to do a post elaborating on each individually later throughout the year. So without any fancy intro, here are 18 things I learned this past year: