Friday links 6/14/19

It’s been a HOT minute since I’ve done a set of “links I am loving” on this site. They honestly have always been one of my favorite posts that bloggers write and were one of the reasons I really wanted to start a blog! I may not have the creative juices or energy to produce content every living minute, or week with my past semester schedule, but I can more than happily share what I have been loving browsing at via others!

{one} The most fun and flirty LWD for all your summer needs.

{two} Just maybe the sweetest music video of all time by Us The Duo. Their baby girl is absolutely precious and this song is one of my all time favorites, so hearing their rendition is just perfect.

{three} I have loved Outdoor Voices for awhile now and own two pairs of their leggings that QUICKLY took over the spot of favorite in my closet. This pair of color block ones may be next on my list. If you haven’t tried out OV yet I highly recommend. Their leggings, in my opinion, are far more breathable, durable, and better fitting than any others I’ve ever owned…even beating out my previous favorite ‘wunder unders’ from Lululemon which is saying a lot!

{four} This post by Cupcakes & Cashmere had me adding far too many things to my mental cart. 10 things worth buying that will change your life…? Okay, fine, sold!

{five} I’ve been TRYING to get into meditation for, I don’t know, years. It’s all the rage for mental health right now and with my mind going a million miles a minute just about 24/7, I probably should try a bit harder. However, no matter what I do…it’s just NEVER something I am able to find myself loving! I have tried everything from the well rated Headspace app to aromatherapy to literally forcing myself to sit in quiet…I am still on the search for tips so leave a comment below if you have any! Until then, this article from The Everygirl on meditation for skeptics is my help.

That’s all for this week! Tune in next for more things I have been loving!
xoxo , Ally


Getting to Know Ally From ‘xoxo’

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I’ve had this blog since my junior year of high school (circa 2014 when my insta feed consisted of Lilly chinos & WAY too many editing stickers, lol.) My style has evolved from excessively preppy to more classic (even though I’m still a sucker for a good After Party Sale 😉 my bank acct is waiting for the day I give these up, ha.) I have moved on from sleep deprived busy high schooler to even busier but slightly better at managing her sleep schedule college student. I have created wonderful new relationships with amazing people in Lawrence that I am beyond thankful for. I’ve also been through my fair share of many new jobs and lots of new leadership roles in many different areas of my life.

Overall, lots has changed since creating this lil website. My blog has grown up and gone through tons of change (check out the new logo hehe) and so have I! I’ve also gained a whole bunch of new followers on my instagram and the blog that I haven’t properly introduced myself to & gotten to know, so I decided now was as good of a time as any to answer the stuff I get asked the most!

Feel free to leave any comments below with any more questions or shoot me an email at if you want to collab or chat! 

What’s your ultimate goal for your blog?

     I think people were starting to get tired of my novel inspirational Instagram captions, so I needed a better place to house all the words that meant so much to me. I have always been someone who is very in touch with her emotions, and have also always loved celebrating absolutely anything and everything possible in the most excessive way possible. Since creating xoxoallisonnicole, I’ve been able to use this platform as a way to write about the things that mean the most to me in the best way I know how. I hope to use it more & more frequently this upcoming year to most more fashion & celebration related content. I think my overall goal however is just to have people find a space here where they can connect with what I’m saying. Words are my thing; I hope people get a whole bunch a feel good use out of them!

What’s your ultimate go-to outfit?

     I like to say any navy striped shift dress I see is “me in a dress.” Which is pretty entirely true. I wear navy like it’s my job and stripes are my neutral. I am always also seen in my pearl earrings, and my Jack Rodgers. I think I’ve decided my goal in life is to one day live where the weather always is in Jack’s season.

How did you come up with your blog name?

     I was freshly 16 and in a big “Just-Disovered-Gossip-Girl-I-Think-I-AM-Blair-Waldorf” phase: hence the “xoxo.” Allison Nicole is my given first and middle name! It was truly an impulse decision back then, but I am not entirely sure I would ever even change it if given the change, it just fits me!

What are some of your favorite posts you’ve written on your blog?

     My first New Years post, my post high school open letter, this one, this one , and this.

If you could work for your dream company, what would it be and what would you be doing?

This varies daily but anything from social media creation to in-house marketing strategist for various brands such as Rifle Paper Co, Paper Source, Madewell, J.Crew, Outdoor Voices, etc. I am all about brands that inspire me & go out of their way to be fun and make people smile with their product. I’d absolutely die to be someone that creates personal experiences those stores & the customers they have such as sip + shops, collaborations with local charities, or just fun ways to get the humans in the door.

It’s almost summer: What’s on your wishlist?

     Dresses, dresses, dresses. I am a BIG dress girl, especially in the summer. They’re just too easy to throw on and have a full outfit without spending time pulling pieces together to match! This flowy number , this gingham beauty , and this classic white summer piece are just a few of the many I am eyeing!

Thanks for tuning into this post & getting to know me a bit better, stick around and let’s have some fun!

Until next time, xoxo, Ally



How to drink more water!


I will forever and always preach that water is literally the secret to life. From clear skin, to being energized for the day, to curing most of my spring time allergies, it does it all people! The average recommendation is 8 cups of water a day, and I sometimes strive to drink even more on summer days or days where I am being super active! Just like any lifestyle change, getting used to drinking loads of water can be difficult, so here are a few of the sneaky ways I get more water into my daily routine!!!!


// ask for an ice water along with your coffee order // 

This is such an easy and simple one that is so sneaky! I grab coffee more than I should (really need to quit doing that…yikes), but even when I am sitting at a coffee shop getting some work done, I ALWAYS ask for a glass of ice water along with whatever I order! Not only does it fuel your body, but it gives you something else to sip on! I usually drink my water until my coffee is slightly cooled off (I swear all my burnt tongue incidents are from coffee) and when I am focused on sipping on the water as well, my coffee lasts much longer! Make sure you ask for water when you’re in the drive-thru line to! They’re always more than happy to add it to your order for free!

// keep water by your bed // 

Prayer, stretches, and water. Ya gotta start AND end your day with the good stuff! During the school year, it would be my Camelbak or S’well water bottle that I would keep on my top bunk, but at home I just use a normal glass. I always like to drink a huge glass of water right before I go to bed, and then refill it and set it by my bedside. Then, I drink that entire glass RIGHT when I wake up. **BEFORE COFFEE** !!! Believe it or not, your BRAIN alone is 75% water! So by refueling it right when you wake up, you’ll be sure to be more awake more quickly and retaining information instead of that usual morning fog.

// treat yourself to a cute water bottle //

In the day and age we are in now where there are so many fun collaborations of brands with water bottle brands, there’s every chance in the world you can find one you love! I have linked a few I love here, here, and hereNothing makes me more motivated to remember to carry it with me than being able to brag about how cute it is! Personalized ones from Etsy also make the cutest gifts for friends!

Hope these small tips help keep you hydrated! How do you remember to drink water? Until next time!


xoxo, Ally