links I’m lovin 3/10/17

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Happy Friday once again my friends! March is speeding on by and bringing me a bunch of good weather and even better outfit inspo! (Isn’t that what it’s all about anyways?!)

1// Starting off with a shameless self promo of a blog post from Monday that I am still implementing into my brain every single second. Stop waiting to be your best self. Yeah, I’m talking to you!

2// With my family in Sanibel island in Florida (yeah they left me here, yeah I’m not over it) and Carly venturing through Bermuda I have been having major island fever. But seriously, I’m dying over the blue and white look she sported here.

3// IN LOVE with these Sam&Libby sandals. The pink ones are 100% on my spring break shopping list…Target you never fail me.

4// Yet another spring break lust list item…

5// I need these donuts in my mouth right now immediately. Not to mention lemon/blueberry is potentially my favorite flavor combo of all time.

6// It’s March but we all still need the boost…

Until next time, xoxo, Ally




Links I’m lovin’ 1/27/17


Don’t even try to tell me that this is the last week of January because I won’t believe you for one half a second. Being back at school this semester has been (thankfully) so so much better than last semester already and between classes and my sorority and just hanging with my pals, time honestly flies during the day and here we are already at the tail-end of my first REAL week of classes! (Let’s be real, sylly week counts for absolutely nada….) This year has included so many new blessings for me that I am so so excited about and are making me truly super duper happy and I am finally feelin’ real at peace.

So onto the good stuff:

{one} I’ve been an Athleta junkie for awhile now (yet another habit of my mother’s I am slowly growing in to as I grow up….*cue you told me so mom eye roll*…) mainly because not only are their clothes so so SO cute, but they are so so SO soft!!!!!! I have a pair of leggings and one top that I adore from there, but THIS SHIRT is for sure next on my lust list.

{two} Valentine’s Day is gonna creep up faster than you can say that little four lettered “l” word, but Carly is ahead of the game per usual and has the CUTEST gift guide up and ready!

{three} aaaaannd another one.

{four} Okay I’m going a little happy hearts day crazy but I have recently become OBSESSED with the Sugarfina brand, which is ironic because I have the opposite of a sweet tooth…but I’m sorry add the word “boutique” onto “candy” and you’ve got me hooked. Everything is seriously SO darling and I am trying to find the nearest location to hit up literally as soon as I can. Talk about how cute and fun of a date this store would be! Check out their Valentine’s Day treats HERE!

{five} my hair is still chopped. I am still loving.

{six} Links is wrapping up early today because of some more fun posts I’ve gotta crack out today, but until next time, here is your daily reminder that: *click here for ego boost*

Until next time, TGIF, have a safe and happy weekend friends!
xoxo, Ally


links i love 12/9/16


(First off, yay for pre-scheduled posts like this one that I was so excited to have go up today until I realized that I never actually pressed schedule…so hello from real time and happy actual Friday…)

Happy Friday (& Stop Day for me!) I am more than thrilled to have my first semester of college classes behind me (ASK me how stoked I am to never take a geography online quiz ever ever ever again!!!!!!!) Four finals and I am out of here and home for winter break for an entire month! Until then, here’s what I’ve been keeping up on mid-study breaks this past week!

1// I’m the biggest pajama junkie and theeeeeeseeeee i neeeeed.

2// Did you see how fricken adorable the sneak peek of Alpha Chi’s Christmas cards are this year via my insta???

3// Carly is one of my FAVORITE bloggers (I think I have established that a trillion times on here) and her gift guides are seriously what I wait for all year long. As I get older I honestly have trouble making a list for my parents of what I want (and trust me, college makes you realize how little you actually NEED), but these never fail to make me find more than a few things I suddenly “need”…


5// absolutely in love with this sweater and want it in all three colors I think I’ve decided…(lol tbt to two links ago when I said making a list of what I want is hard…)

6// my roomate and I and our roomie besties two floors up (hi rach & molly) are kind of obsessed with outdoing each other on our roomie Christmas cards and THIS made me die while finding fun ideas..

7// I have already shed a few tears at Pentatonixs Christmas work but this one is a whole new level of real real good..

Until next time, happy studying!


“what do you mean my dorm doesn’t allow me to bring in a real Christmas tree…?”