social media spring cleaning



For someone who currently and plans to *hopefully* for a long time base their career off of online content and social media, I. Hate. It. 

A DARLING magazine article I was reading the other day described how we go about using social media every day. She started to discuss how she felt how Facebook, or any other social media platform per say, is like a grocery store:
“You might see a friend or neighbor there and catch up on how your mom is doing, where their kid has moved, or what random groceries they’re buying because of yet another 30-second recipe video. Much like a grocery store, social media has a plethora of things in stock, but there’s also plenty you can’t expect to find, like restaurant-quality French toast. And if you run over there when you’re really hungry, well, it’s all downhill from here.”

The last sentence hit me, hard. Don’t get me wrong: I love Instagram. I live for the aesthetically pleasing and seasonally colorful coordinating pictures on the feeds of all the other bloggers I follow, I adore getting updates from my friends at other schools, and I don’t mind seeing my sweet Jayhawks on my feed when I pass by @kuhoops every once and awhile as well. But my enjoyment of all this can go from 100-0 really quick by seeing one thing I didn’t want to. Whether it be something I wasn’t invited to, an outfit that looks much better on someone else than I imagine it would on myself, or even dumb little things that people mindlessly post can and sometimes do put me into the worst of moods. It’s not something I’m proud of, or am glad that happens, or even know WHY it happens, but it does, and I know I’m not alone. It’s not when I am mindlessly scrolling before class starts or while waiting in the Starbucks line that my ego is more vulnerable to everything I see on my screen. It’s when I start doubting myself, my self-worth, my value in other people’s lives, etc…that my brain starts to almost SEARCH for online reasonings to validate all these bad feelings. I feel like I’ve been distant with someone lately? Oh, the picture with that other friend they posted MUST mean they hate me now and have a new best friend. Another perfect blogger picture? Oh she’s my age too? I am failing and should give up now because I’m not at that level yet. Another picture of my younger sister wearing MY clothes…yeah no that’s actually pretty normal. (hehe kidding…kinda…either way I had to give a little sister shoutout, she’s 16 today! woo!!)

But really, your noggin will search for bad when it’s hungry. Pay attention to that. I debated giving up social media altogether for about .5 seconds until I realized I get paid to post on one Instagram account and get a grade in art class for posting on another…so that was hopeless. Plus, there are the TRILLIONS of positive aspects of online and social media as well. I wouldn’t be such a Public Relations and Marketing nerd if I didn’t believe in the positive power of social media as well as all of the networking and opportunities it can bring about! Basically, in today’s society, I’d be putting myself at a disadvantage for not using social media. However, I knew I had to do something about how it made me feel.

A week ago I was following over 1500 people on Instagram, and probably seeing 20% of that content. (yeah, i’m yet another blogger angsty about the janky Insta algorithm, what’s new.) It hit me one night when I was genuinely getting FRUSTRATED that I hadn’t been on social media all day and it was taking me forever to get through my entire feed…talk about a first world problem right there. I was getting real-life anxiety symptoms over not being able to see everyone’s pictures and “keep up” if you will. It was one of those things where I was stressing out and getting upset and didn’t even truly know why.

Then and there is when I started unfollowing people. I was scrolling and realized that some of the people I followed were people I have never even spoken to in real life, or wouldn’t even choose to if I got the chance. People I hadn’t seen in years, friends of friends of friends, and far…FAR…too many food accounts. (honestly, I didn’t unfollow too many of those actually…)  There was a list: if they didn’t encourage me, inspire me, or keep me informed, the account had to go. At one point I stopped feeling guilty for any of it, and I think that was where my, and many other’s, problems usually begin: thinking that we are required or obligated to follow or interact with people in our lives. If seeing it doesn’t bring you joy, and you have a chance YOURSELF to change that, why don’t you. Unfollow accounts that stress you out, people that make you feel anxious or upset, or anything that doesn’t encourage you to be the best version of yourself.

That all being said, make sure YOUR account is also one you’d want people to be following. Use social media as a platform to inspire others and yourself. Showcase things you’re proud of, things that make you you, and things that you love. It’s your little grid of squares girl, use em wisely.

The DARLING article ended with this and I couldn’t leave it out:
“Instead, let’s invest more into the strength of people uniquely placed in our spheres, rather than working so hard to articulate who we ‘are’ on the internet, cowering under the weight of the world listening.”

&&&&& with all that I am done for this post friends. As always thanks for reading these wordy rants and here’s to hoping they made you feel something. Feelings are good, especially on rainy Mondays. Until next time, xoxo, Ally


yes to no



*photo link*

Hey there friends, before I even begin as to where I’ve been: first things first…I’ve been SO! DANG! FRUSTRATED! With the blog logistical world this past month. I had such a fun Valentine’s Day post I wanted to go up that week with such a cute little gift guide widget. Well, turns out the hosting I use doesn’t accommodate to the widget I created. Turns out I have zero clue how to properly find hosting that does and when I do turns out I have zero clue how to install it. So, moral of the pretty pathetic sounding story: most of the time I have ZERO CLUE what I am doing!!!!!!!!!! (just incase any of you needed a friend in knowing you also have zero clue what’s going on at this point in life)

So I’m about to just go out on a limb here and start off the meat of this blog post by quoting The Office; but I feel like not too many people will be TOO upset by that. Anyways,

“I hate the idea that someone out there hates me”

HEY PAM!! SAME GIRL!!! ME TOO!!! I FEEL YA!!! I FEEL YA LITERALLY EVERY SECOND OF EVERYDAY WOW OH WOW!! But really, I think I have said this exact thing countless times and it never fails to resonate with me time and time again.  I will admit it with everything I do, and I know I am not alone, I am your textbook definition of a people pleaser. I absolutely despise nothing more than saying the word “no” to people. It physically pains me and not having an answer for people’s questions or solutions to people’s problems? I think I literally start itching and contract a fever. Okay, slightly dramatic, but you all know who you’re dealing with here. However, I am starting to realize how highly this is affecting not only me, but the people around me, AND the people I am saying “yes” to over and over again.

I am the type of person that can get so easily caught up in the billions of things she has to do that at one point finally just crashes. I thrive on a busy schedule and much prefer to be doing a billion things and have a never-ending to-do list in my agenda. Free time honestly scares me a bit because I’ll be honest with myself, unless I have planned out what I have to get done, nothing will get done, and then the stressed and flustered cycle continues. I know what you’re thinking: “we get it, you’re busy…so what?”

I started a little tradition with myself my junior year of high school back when I started this lil piece of the web in which every start of the month I look back and find one “good” adjective and one “bad” adjective to describe how I feel I performed as a human bean the past month. This past month the only word I could come up with was BUSY. I honestly didn’t even know whether to include it in the good or bad and became super concerned as to how I was spending my time. Not that anything I was doing was things I regret doing whatsoever, instead I was just finding myself fueling up with business instead of taking the chance to breathe at times. I wasn’t even doing things that I was necessarily proud of or that made me happy. My creativity levels were at an all-time high. But my brain was a constant battle of “omg-ally-you-need-to-do-this-like-right-now-immediately” and “omg-ally-for-the-love-of-god-why-are-you-doing-nothing” and also “omg-ally-please-nap” (mainly that last one.) 

& here we reached the peak of my people pleasing busy achieving problems: when you continuously are trying to do things for others, there comes a point in which you have done so little to get your own shiz done that you become almost detrimental to yourself and the people you are trying to HELP. Aka the literal OPPOSITE of what you put yourself into this situation to do in the first place. Funny how that works. Ya walk in with good intentions to make everyone happy and sprint out 4 hours later than you planned, looking dishelved, probably dehydrated, and now realizing your “free evening” you thought you had was filled with smaller tasks of things you probably didn’t even NEED to be doing. But something along the lines of “sure no problem!” slipped your mouth and the gratification of saying yes to something, aka crack for people pleasers, determined your plans for the night instead. You also get super frustrated because you want to be doing fourteen billion different things but refuse to excetue them unless they’re perfect an so they just never end up happening which frustrates you even more (oh, idk, this blog post included?!) Sound familiar? To most of you, probably. Don’t I sound like a blast and a half to be around?!! Ha, hence why this is being written.

After finishing up Rock Chalk Revue about a week ago, I’ve gained a majority of my free time back and didn’t realize how much of it I was using while running the show. It’s been less than a week, but myself, and multiple people close to me, have realized how big of a difference I have had in my priorities and my emotions. Realizing that, sure, I’m probably always going to be someone that thrives on being busy is one thing. But understanding WHAT I want to be putting my busy energy into and WHY I’m doing it is entirely another.

To be quite honest with you all, nothing is more exhausting than feeling like you’ve been trying to get your shiz together for YEARS. It’s almost like life lately has just been one big oh if I get x y and z completed THEN I will be this super cool shining star that can wear dresses and tennis shoes in the middle of the street like I spend hours staring at on my Pinterest feed every night. Realizing that I will NEVER have my shiz together is something I’ve accomplished this past week. Realizing that no matter how many positions I hold, how many meetings I can fit into my schedule, or how many trends I can manage to keep up with will never make me feel accomplished finally settled in.

I found myself with my best friend the other day and both of us were talking about how good it felt to be able to just be so content doing NOTHING together and I couldn’t thank her enough for that comment. We had both made time in our schedules to spend time doing absolutely nothing and I can vouch for the fact that both of us were happier than we had been in a LONG (and busy) time. THAT’S where i want to be shoving that energy. I don’t want to stop saying “no” completely, that will never happen. But I DO want to start saying “yes” to the things that make me happy. Yes to taking time to write every day and express emotion. Yes to talking things out and having real and genuine conversations with human beans I care about. Yes to doing things for others, but only if I have done a mental check to see if that not only fits in my physical time schedule but my mental sanity schedule as well, instead of just saying yes for the sake of it, especially if there was someone that could’ve done the job better.

A few ground rules and reminders I’m setting for myself and all of you out there as well: you are NOT an unlimited resource, if your yes for something is anything LESS than crazy enthusiastic if it is something you don’t HAVE to do…maybe it should be a no, SAYING NO DOESN’T MAKE YOU A MEAN PERSON! THIS IS A BIG ONE FOR PEOPLE LIKE ME WHO ARE TERRIFIED OF BEING MEAN! and last but not least, not being able to do everything doesn’t make you any less of an achieving goal getting superwoman. In fact, being able to recognize when you should say no is actually hella strong and very superwoman like within itself.

Oh hey there, multiple rambly paragraphs later! Sup! Did you make it through that alive? Did you at least grab a snack for the read once you got a sentence in and realized it was one of Ally’s never-ending word vomits? Let’s hope. Well, that’s a wrap for tonight. It’s 8:35 pm on a Friday night and the newest episode of Riverdale and my bed await. Don’t forget: let’s practice making intentional choices on where you put your time, energy, and attention to where it will feel meaningful to YOU.

& as always, until next time, xoxo, Ally



denim dreamin’


I don’t think I will ever leave the house on a gameday without my denim jacket, like, ever. My go-to one is actually my MOM’S from when she was in college, which makes it ten times more fun for me to wear! But really, denim seems to be my go-to staple that I keep adding more and more of to my closet, and I keep finding new pieces I just have to have! The idea for this post actually came from the last gameday when my friend Grace (pictured above) and I were getting ready to go out and realized we were both head to toe in denim and absolutely neither of us was mad about it…denim for days ladies!!! I’ve rounded up a few of my current denim pieces I am lusting over down below:

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 1.24.46 PM.png

Ruffle Crop Jeans  / Red Stripe Pant  / Side Tie Blouse(currently UNDER $30!!!)/ Denim Long Sleeve Wrap  / Ruffle Dress

Brb, buying all of them!!!! Until next time, xoxo, Ally


sophomore second-semester life lately!

6459373301a5bba0202a5ad795d4e4ceHey friends! Boy has life been absolutely CRAZY around here. I’ve been back at school for about two weeks now and it has been go go go ever since I stepped foot in Lawrence. My roommate and I actually moved rooms this semester and the change of scenery, although not major, was sooo nice; as well as a good (and much needed) excuse to do some DEEP cleaning! It’s wild how much can pile up in the midst of one semester!

Anyways, semester four (WHAT?!) of college is well underway and I am loving every second of it. It is by far the busiest I’ve been out of any semester so far here at KU. It’s reminding me so much of being back in high school and fulfilling a bunch of leadership positions that kept me on my feet 24/7. I am the new Director of Public Relations for our Panhellenic Executive Board, a social chair for AlphaChi, a director for KU’s huge charity show called Rock Chalk Revue, oh and I also am taking my education classes as well. Yeah, busy to say the LEAST, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The weather here has been off and on lately, but I am SO over winter. Just realized while typing that I have resorted to talking about the W E A T H E R on my blog, if that tells you how anywhere and everywhere my mind is currently. On that same note though, last Saturday it randomly hit about 65 degrees with sunny skies, on a gameday nonetheless!!! My pal Grace and I decided to head out for gameday and it inspired a whole outfit post coming soon on denim looks that I have been diggin’ seeing on blogs and all over Pinterest lately. Denim will forever be a trend I am ALWAYS willing to get behind.

My roomie Brooke has also been having the most hectic semester as well, and this sounds silly I’m sure…but chips and salsa I think may be the one thing getting us through on a day to day basis. We somehow managed to finish off an entire jar of peach salsa in like…3 sittings…impressive? I’d say. We’re also super open to trying new options (both major foodies) so feel free to comment with your fav brand/flavor/type…we’ll eat it all.

Honestly, this semester has been the kind of busy where I can’t even think of decently exciting things to recap for you all, but I feel like sometimes that’s how life goes. I have been super caught up in the big picture plan of this semester, that the minute to minute moments tend to be flying by. Except they never seem to fly by in math class…funny how that works for my linguistically inclined self. But realizing this when I get 5 seconds to breathe every now and then has definitely forced me to focus on those good moments when they come around: laughing with my cast of (CRAZY TALENTED) girls during rock chalk revue practice as they deal with my delusional choreography, silly bunk talks with B before we fall asleep, quick mid-day power naps, falling in love with teaching courses, trips to the city with my all-time favorite human bean, and plenty of pictures of my pup I have stored on my camera roll from being home.

That’s about all I’ve got for ya, but I wanted to catch up quickly for mainly my own sanity! Sometimes I get super caught up in making this blog perfectly witty and my Insta perfeclty aesthetically pleasing before I remember why I started all of this in the first place: to have a little slice of the web to share how much I love to love love and all the good it brings. So as always, dream big work hard be kind have fun! (exactly T W O weeks until Valentine’s Day but I’m not counting…)

Until next time, xoxo, Ally



Insta Stories Roundup

I FINALLY posted some video content on my Instagram stories for you all after hundreds of requests from ya’ll and tons of (positive) peer pressure from my friends. You can check out the stories…HERE…but I promised I would also link everything I talked about in a post! So here it is!


Target Sweatshirt // literally wear this 24/7 and got it in a XL so I can have it SUPER comfy!!!! Online only has plus sizing still available, but I know I have still seen it in stores!

A&F Puffer Jacket // *50% off right now!!!* I own the navy but am kinda trying to negotiate myself into getting the burgundy too! Haven’t used it down at school yet but cannot wait to have a light jacket to throw on for morning walks to class that isn’t super heavy and a hassle to carry around!

Blender I Got For Christmas! 

J.Crew Pom Pom Hat// Currently UNDER $30! Seriously, the best hat I ever have owned and my family makes fun of me for how often I wear it…maybe even indoors…(hat is featured in picture above)

Madeline and Company Backpack// I have the charcoal and coral slim style…but they’re all to die for! Check out my other post with Madeline and Co HERE for more insight on why you N E E D this backpack!

Thanks for tuning in to my Insta stories if you did!!! As scary as they were, they were also super fun and I cannot wait to put more videos out there soon! DM me with anything you’d like to see! Until next time, xoxo, Ally



20 lessons for my younger self

Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 9.03.12 PM

Soooooo my 20th birthday isn’t until late June. Quite honestly I am not even over halfway done with being 19 yet. However, I’ve always been a few steps ahead of even my own self and even though my friends that know of my love for kid’s section clothing may disagree, I have a pretty old soul for 19. (It’s a total Cancer thing. & every friend that knows how obsessed I am with zodiac signs is totally rolling their eyes right now, but it’s true! The stars don’t lie, look it up!) I’m also a freak about lists, and I also N E E D to clear my mind and write after this week of school work. So with all that being said, I got to work on my 20 before 20 list a little over six months early. Overachiever or just a girl REALLY excited to no longer be a teenager, you tell me.

I’ve changed and grown as a human bean a whole lot in my teenage years (thank goodness) and have a billion and fourteen lil nuggets of wisdom that I would tell my younger self. I’m definitely still figuring it all out, especially considering I have taken how many years of English and just finished my Linguistics class and STILL have to autocorrect the word “definitely”…but I’ve got a few things under my belt, and a whole lot left to learn.

  1. The power of the word “no” in unbelievable. Learn that you don’t have to say “maybe” if what you really want to say is “no.” But also never say “no” because you’re too afraid to say, “I don’t know how can you teach me?” Never miss an opportunity simply because you’re afraid to learn.
  2. I know being materialistic isn’t the *best* thing to encourage, but sometimes buying yourself nice stationary or new shoes can make a hard day easier, and that’s okay. Use the money grandpa gives you as a sanity fund, your paychecks should go towards college. seriously, save your money for college.
  3. You will meet people who do not like you. You will meet people who do not think you’re attractive. You will meet people who don’t think you’re worthy of respect. That doesn’t matter in the long run, but it will hurt. Let it hurt, and then learn your worth and find the people that know it too. You’ll find plenty of those people in time.
  4. Forcing yourself to write out your feelings will not only save your own sanity but everyone you surround yourself with. You are not a fun girl when you have too much on your mind. You’re good at writing and good at expressing emotions, don’t let people convince you that being #soft is a bad thing.
  5. Buy the concert tickets the morning of and force your friend that knows maybe 2 songs to go. It’ll turn into one of the best nights and said friend will end up knowing just as many lyrics as you do.
  6. If you love someone, you’ll know. Never settle for anything less than the most exciting and heart racing and super duper good stuff. It’s not worth your time, and it’s not worth leading people on either if you don’t feel the same.
  7. Your softball career isn’t gonna go anywhere so don’t get your hopes up. However, it’ll be the best conversation starter, trending hashtag, and running joke for years to come so get ready.
  8. Driving 8 hours doesn’t usually sound fun. Driving 8 hours with three of your best friends to Texas for fall break simply because you can? The MOST fun. The money you save through AirB&B WILL be spent on REALLY good avocado toast and avocado popsicles and avocado macrons, don’t feel bad about it, you’re on vacation.
  9. Buy the bedazzled jeans, wear the sparkly converse, throw in your cornrows that make you feel like a badass. Being you and expressing it is the best way to love yourself. Do it all the time. You’re gonna be known as that girl in the pajama sets and pigtail braids, and you’re gonna own it.
  10. Don’t get mad at your sisters for stealing your clothes, just know it’s because they’ll never admit how badly they miss you. And when they do admit it, they’ll make you swear not to tell mom they miss you and stealing your sweater for 6 days in a row won’t seem so bad.
  11. You got a B in high school gym, don’t expect college health and exercise sciences to be any easier…
  12. Stop being so scared to let go of things that no longer serve you well / bring you happiness. Things that once meant the most to you in life may eventually end up meaning nothing and that’s okay. Change happens, we’re all fully aware you hate it, but you’ve got a whole lot coming.
  13. Not every class you take in school is going to make you fully confident with what you want to do with your career. Sometimes a class sucks because it’s math and you don’t like math…not because your entire life plan is wrong. Don’t let it get to your head, but also, take a few classes you like. You won’t regret signing up for that Career and Life Planning class second semester freshman year.
  14. Soak up every moment you have when you’re at home. Don’t take down the horrendous dance team pictures of yourself mom placed throughout your room and don’t be surprised when Maddy’s homework is left on your desk. Although you’ll cry A LOT less about leaving home sophomore year, you’re still gonna tear up every time you back out of the driveway. & your bed in Lawrence may be nice, but nothing is as nice as having your little brother across the hallway.
  15. Sometimes a weekend in your pajamas in your room watching far too much Gossip Girl that you’ve already seen is better for your sanity than forcing yourself to go out. Don’t let everyone else going out make you feel like you have to, but don’t isolate yourself from the world either. also, you’re gonna have way more fun on the nights out in tshirts and sneakers than you ever will trying to look good. fyi. throw on the jean jacket and keep your glasses on. nobody truly cares.
  16. Never quit being nice to everyone and smiling. You’re gonna make Elise Duryea cry at senior retreat because of it and it just may be the highlight of your high school career. But really, positive energy is infectious, and if you’ve got it, give it.
  17. You’re gonna struggle with the difference between giving someone a deserved second chance and letting them walk all over you. Know when to differentiate the two and stand your ground.
  18. You’re gonna drive 45 minutes to buy a $75 skirt for a ten-minute interview. And ya know what, you’ll look great, but you got the position because you deserved it. Giving yourself credit for hard work is never wasted. You can be humble while still feeling qualified and deserving.
  19. You can’t. do. everything. by. yourself. asking. for. help. is. not. a. weakness.
  20. You’re gonna drink too much coffee…start brainstorming ways to fix this now…but 19 year old you doesn’t have it figured out let either, so let’s keep that one just between us…(hey $2.34 for your go-to vanilla iced coffee with milk and light ice won’t break the bank.)

I’m positive there will be more than 20 more lessons learned simply in the next week, but that’s for another post. Keep dreaming big and working hard and learning lots, friends. Let’s change the world.

Until next time, xoxo, Ally


links i’m lovin’ 11/17/17


It has been the potentially busiest week of my sophomore year so far and I am in MUCH need of a weekend, so thankfully I am in luck! I had about 20 minutes of rest before class this morning to just sit and listen to Christmas music and read a bit of Harry Potter (I am forcing myself to restart the series and am in love all over again.) Anyone else never ever get a break?! Well I rounded up some links for ya in the spare time I had and you’re gonna love them:

{one} Although I will forever have a lifelong love for fleece tie blankets and never leave mine in the winter months, I can’t say I wouldn’t loooove this cozy (and cute) throw as well! Those pom poms kill me!

{two} My gift guides are in the process of being made for ya’ll, but in the meantime, I can’t help but lust over a few things on every one of Fran’s…specifically the monogrammed phone case and those darling bow gloves!!!

{three} the BEST tshirt you’ll ever own is under $20 right now and you absolutely need it in every color. A few basic colors are even under $15!!!!

{four} I. Am. In. Love. With. This. Dress.

{five} My favorite grocery store and my favorite holiday all in one. Thanksgiving is probably up there in my favorite holidays to outfit plan for, and Blair Waldorf never fails to be channeled.

{six} My Snapchat account was “compromised” yesterday and I am having the hardest time getting it back / being in contact with Snapchat!!!! Anyone else ever encounter similar issues?? SOS! My poor streaks!!!

{seven} My parents are coming into Lawrence tonight for the SDSU / KU basketball game that my dad’s coworkers got him tickets for for his birthday and I cannot wait to see them!! I haven’t seen my mom since parents weekend back in September and a liiiiittle pre-holiday post-midterm retail therapy is for sure in order!

{eight} found this article so so interesting for the average #girlboss


{ten} I have officially started turnover for KU Panhellenic as the incoming Director of Public Relations and am absolutely loving everything I am getting to learn in this position. Sooo excited about all the challenges and learning opportunities I am about to undergo. Just a lil proof and reminder that you can turn any passion or interest into a leadership/growth opportunity!

That’s all for now! I’m off to catch up with a reader (hi Abby!) to show her around KU!!!! #rcjh!

Until next time, xoxo, Ally


Cold-Weather acessories under $75

So it’s mid-November, and the weather in Lawrence is finally starting to align with the Christmas music that has been playing in my car for the past few months. Minus June 25th and July 4th, I am SO biased to winter. Don’t get me wrong, I am a strong supporter of a good summer shift dress and my Jack Rodgers, but I won’t deny, I’m a sucker for anything that keeps me warm AND looks cute while doing it.

My winter wardrobe is pretty neutral in terms of color schemes. It seems as if the later in the year it gets, the more and more black I find myself pulling out of my closet. I think it’s the street style inspo of the super chic parkas I see all on my Pinterest feed this time of year that makes even walking to class something to feel powerful doing. (check this, this, and, this out for what I’m vibing off of!! Sooo makes me wanna trek the city ASAP!!) However, there will ALWAYS be that part of me that will never turn down a pop of color, or the hot pink J.Crew parka I’ve been lusting over since I set my eyes on it. So accessories are my go-to to add a cute signature piece of personality to an outfit. Especially when it’s freezing outside and the energy to put together an ensemble is more than lacking. I’ve put together a few pieces I think would be so fun:


cable knit scarf // cashmere mittens // pompom beanie (under $30!!!) // checked cape // faux fur muffs

I’d be lying if I said that mustard scarf hasn’t been in my cart on the J.Crew website for over a week now…Christmas present to myself? Over a month early? Using any justification I can here people.

Which one are you going to snag?
Stay warm (and look good doing it!), until next time, xoxo, Ally


Fall Break in TX, recap!

Alrighty, here it is. The long-awaited recap of my fall break in Texas. I have to say, the entire experience was an absolute blast, and being with four of my best friends from college made the entire trip even better. There were so many moments where I felt super “pinch me this HAS to be an episode of Sex and the City.” Which it did too many times when you had 4 best friends wandering a big city, gossiping about love lives and window shopping while munching on the yummiest snacks that were found just about everywhere we looked.

We left for Dallas Friday afternoon after we had all finished our classes for the day. The 7ish hour car ride was not awful at all with 4 different driving shifts and a pretty bomb playlist (made by yours truly, and linked right HERE for all your long road trip jamming needs) the drive went by amazingly quickly and soon enough we were in Dallas! My roommate and best friend Brooke’s older brother kindly let us crash in his apartment every night (minus Saturday when we stayed in a lil AirB&B outside Waco and 10 mins from the Silos) and with the apartment being in the middle of Uptown, we weren’t complaining at all!

Saturday morning was an early rise and a drive to Waco. We were BEYOND pumped to see the Silos during Silobration and they did not disappoint at all. With over 100 vendors and so much yummy food, we were set all day for an adventure. Brooke and I ended up picking up headbands that we are IN LOVE with, and did a little damage at the Magnolia Shop itself. It was like an HGTV version of Disney World. I’ll leave most of my explanation for the pictures below because the excitement explains itself. At the end of the day, we ended up watching a movie and munching on our cupcakes from the Silos Bakery before we fell asleep. (I had the lemon lavender and it was AMAZING.)

Sunday we grabbed a quick brunch in a small place in Waco, where I devoured some much-needed coffee and sweet potato pancakes that were to die for. We made the drive back to Dallas and ended up exploring for the rest of the weekend. From driving around the insanely gorgeous neighborhoods to spending a few paychecks at Zara, to hitting up Trader Joe’s and picnicking, and finally having Brooke’s brother show us the ropes to the TX State Fair, we had the most amazing weekend. I wouldn’t have had my fall break go any other way, even if Saturday was 98 degrees at the Silos…

A few foodie spots we hit up that I 10/10 recommend if you’re ever in Dallas:

  • Steel City Pops: **Thanks to Hannah, a fellow Jayhawk, for the rec!** I got the avocado popsicle and my life has been changed for the better. I was a little hesitant but knew I HAD to try. It is mixed with lime and is utterly brilliant.
  • HG Supply Co: if you are on the hunt for a stellar drink, quinoa burger, and rooftop, this is your spot.
  • Joy Macarons: get the cookie dough. just do it.


*Prepare for an overload of pictures, but what else would you expect from a blogger in a big city where her only duties were to look cute and look at cuter things?*


The line to get into this store was hours long at one point. Brooke and I waited it out and managed to get in only about a 10 minute line!!!!! So worth the wait once we got inside. We even saw Joanna’s mom!!!



Everything was just TOO photogenic. The bakery had to probably be my favorite thing we saw all day, probably due to the fact that the episode of Fixer Upper where it’s created is hands down my favorite. (right next to the Christmas guest home episode…okay…they’re tied.)


This lobster roll. No words.



This snap of Madisen and I was taken around 1pm. We were sweaty, we were hot, we were tired, we were SO sweaty. But SO happy.


*yet another pic outside the bakery*


One of the *literal* hundred of vendors. Brooke and I probably could’ve spent hours at each one. We actually got to chat with the owner of this one and crossed that off the official Silobration bucket list!


getting to see the May Designs booth was a blogging dream come true! It was like their Insta (that I have stalked all too many times) had come to life and it was AMAZING.


Did I mention they gave me flash tats and agenda stickers? Yeah, obsessed with them.




This booth was full of customizable sprinkles. Their business card was a bag of sprinkles. Coming from someone who had an emergency container of sprinkles in her locker in high school, I was in love.


Painting pumpkins with Joanna’s new paint line!! These cute lil pumpkins now line Brooke & I’s window in Alpha Chi and are just too cute.


The smells of this place were incredible. *also notice how as the day went on, the hair went up and the glasses went on…texas heat and I are NOT friends*


*patiently waiting to submit our sweet treat orders* B & I waited in this line for 45 minutes…and that was quick compared to other times of the day


Teddy Bear Park!


Happy gal with her avocado popsicle. Steel City you now have my whole heart.


Had to snap this picture of this sweet little restaurant because my aunt’s name is Nora and I love her so very much. Seeing it immediately made me think of her family and their sweet three little kiddos that I could cuddle 24/7 if given the chance.


B giggling at who knows what while at dinner @ HGSupplyCo Sunday night. The view was seriously, gorgeous.


Probably my favorite meal all trip. Brooke’s brother took us to his favorite coffee shop and naturally, the in sync roommates that we are, we both ordered lavender lattes and avocado toast. When I saw cilantro topped the avo toast, I knew I couldn’t pass it up. Weird fact: I literally could eat cilantro plain, it’s probably my favorite food. Anyways, the toast is to die for and was well worth twinning with B.


I’ve always seen Sugarfina things ALL over the blog world and socials but have always died to step foot into a store. Well, I got to, and was in love. How CUTE are these customizable ones?!


I’d be lying if I said B and I didn’t highly debate buying everything in the store…


Rose and champage flavored gummy bears? 2 of each please!


Had to throw in this snap of B in the Gigi Pip booth. We both stalk (and are obsessed) with their Insta and seeing them (and their gorgeous hats) in real life was a really big moment for both of us. (also how stinkin’ cute is my roomie?!)


Told you we had a picnic! Smoked salmon, goat cheese, crackers, sushi, olive oil popcorn, pico, pumpkin cookies, and more. The best.



Last but not least, a fun snap Brooke might kill me for of her eating some fried guacamole at the fair. Obviously had to be documented.

Hope you enjoyed seeing my fall break adventures! If you have any Dallas/ Waco questions feel free to comment or shoot me an email! I’d love to chat! Until next time, xoxo, Ally



links I’m lovin 10/20/17


So sorry there hasn’t been much activity on the blog this week. Fall break was filled to the brim with adventure, and I am editing pictures from those adventures as I type in order for a lil Texas recap for all ya’ll (yeah I went to TX for 5 days, “ya’ll” is now in my daily vocab.) Midterms, field work, and a quick last minute decision to go see Hoodie Allen in KC last night filled this short but mighty 3 day week, so not much time was left for doing a whole lotta nothing!  BUT, on the off time I did manage to find (aka walks in between classes was about it) I still have a few things I wanted to share with you! So let’s get to it:

{one} Ingrid has been on the top of my “people I aspire to one day be” list since like circa 2010 and honestly nobody has topped her yet. Her video on advice to her younger self does all my love for her some justice and is 100% worth the watch.

{two} Would it even be a links post if I didn’t include something I totally am convinced I need to survive from J.Crew?

{three} So naturally I’ve convinced myself I NEED another pair of New Balances…kinda obsessed with this pair….thoughts?

{four} My friend and I bought tickets at 7am for a 7pm Hoodie Allen show in KC last night and not to be dramatic but I love that sweet boy SO MUCH! If you haven’t listened to his new album…go for it. Or just play No Interruption on repeat, whatever works for you

{five} Mackenzie is on her THIRD 101 in 1001 list and I’m truly amazed. Reminds me that I probably should get around to updating mine….

{six} shameless promo of mine inserted here

{seven} Kate’s latest & greatest edition this week may have been one of my favorites. monogrammed pj’s AND Blair Waldorf headbands?! sold.

Well that’s all for this week! Expect a Texas update post real soon!
xoxo, Ally