links I’m lovin 5/26/17


{1} Okay so I am missing Kansas a bunch already, and especially the foodie town that Lawrence AND KC both are! Unforked is one of my all-time favs and their “Hail the Kale” salad is to die for, and I am not usually one for fresh kale. I had been craving it so I googled the recipe and it is SO STINKIN’ easy, you’ve gotta try!!!

{2} I am all about anything “Girl Boss” associated, so this post is PERFECT

{3} I am SOO into the embroidery trend right now, & this under $20 top is no exception

{4} Did you read my latest life update post yet?! If not, what are you doing?! Hop to it!

{5} Ugh we are one zodiac season away from Cancer season (& my birthday!!!!!) and per Cancer usual, I am ALL in the emotional feels lately. However, I am for sure one to embrace my over-emotional self and this amazing piece for sure helped me do just that!

{6} Caroline absolutely rocks this denim jacket, which I have totally been meaning to get a new one….any good ones out there!?

{7} THIS STUFF PEOPLE. I’m serious. Gold.

{8} How PERFECT is this top for a Memorial Day BBQ?! Red, white, navy, and under $40 right now?! Sold!

{9} Tory Burch makes flip flops now?! I’ve been debating for too long on which style I like best, and I think I’ve decided on them all!!!

{10} Last but for sure not least, Happy 19th Birthday to my dear best friend Rachel!!!!! The little coffee bean that I adore to pieces and is forever going to be one of my best friends. I love you big time Rach! Everyone send lots of hugs and love her way today!

Until next time, TGIF!

xoxo, Ally

Where did xo go?!

18121228_1310540809001745_2775092362018005753_o copy.jpg

So hey, long time no type friends! Like, for me, who love love loves this blog: REALLY long time no type. I strive not to be one for lame excuses, so I promise, I limited mine to only one lame one for you all. I’ll start with the more important & meaningful stuff and leave the lame excuse for last so if you’re like me and can’t do without spoiler alerts, permission to scroll to the bottom of the page and read that lame excuse now granted.

My dad has been one of my biggest role models my entire life, and for good reason. People say we are the most alike in my family and I never fail to take that as a compliment because he is hands down one of the most hard-working, caring, and genuine people I know and those are all definitely things I strive to be.  I like to think I am a somewhat independent person. Being an oldest child and a pretty big introvert, it’s like in my blood or something to want to do most things alone. I’ve mentioned it in a previous post, but this trait of mine also kinda led me astray when it came to college at the beginning of the year. Anyways, a few months ago I FINALLY (applause please) got ahold of this whole “college” thing, and realized how independence in that year alone had given itself such a new meaning to me. I went through quite a lot this year, and in my book, I would even say that’s an understatement. Not to sound dramatic by any means, I feel that any human at any stage of their life undergoing ANY change whatsoever can sometimes feel like they are going through a whole bunch and it’s hard to think straight or figure out what exactly you’re changing into. However, after my last week of classes and the weekend before finals approached, I looked back as I was writing a reflection paper for one of my classes and realized how much independence I truly did gain, and how much I valued it for that matter. I also realized how much I changed, and in ways I never thought that I would, but ways I can be eternally grateful for. God brought on so many lessons this year that I never ever saw coming, and challenges that I am determined to see through to the end, and that’s just the beginning of the cool stuff that college brought on, so don’t worry, there will be a more learning type post on what I all learned coming soon. (Because I am TOTALLY back for good this time!!)

Back to my dad, he always told my siblings and I growing up that we could have anything we wanted if we worked hard enough for it. I have always taken this to heart and given 110% into anything I am passionate about. Sometimes, by accident, it’s more than that. I definitely am one to get carried away by pouring my heart into things (blame the Cancer zodiac in me I swear.) However, it’s a trait in which I wouldn’t trade for anything. I have always strived to put a bunch of effort into this blog because it is something I care SO deeply about. I have always struggled with the image of it, what I want the content to look like, Instagram themes, etc etc etc. I always wondered when that absurd myth of “writer’s block” or “artist un-inspiration period” I always heard about was going to kick in for me because when I first started this blog I was on fire and in love with every bit of it. I couldn’t imagine a day where I didn’t want to hit publish. I was getting compliments from my friends every day in the hall, I had this spark that wanted to keep posting on Instagram to gain followers every day, and had people in my life that really supported what I was doing on a daily basis. It rocked.

Fast forward to around March of this year and I discovered that weird uninspired issue. I always had this vision of having SO much time to blog in college and SO many photo ops and SO much to blog about and when that didn’t turn out the way I wanted to I was honestly frustrated with myself for not performing up to par of this perfect vision of myself. (this was BEFORE I realized even the super woman I am cannot do it all, I was really beat up about that fact for awhile.) I was in a rut one day this year and feeling like nothing was going my way, when I sat down and had a DM from a random girl on my blog Instagram saying she loved my blog and went on about specific posts that really helped her gain insight into things. 1. Uh, wow. pinch me. 2. Every writers DREAM to hear their work helped someone personally and then to hear about it. 3. I hadn’t posted on Instagram in over a MONTH and this girl still managed to click the link in my bio. I don’t know you, but thanks for creeping gal, I owe you the world. 4. I remembered right then and there why I started this blog in the first place. I love to write, and I love to see the connections I can make with people by my writing, and seeing that working in action was absolutely everything I needed to get back on track.

By the time this re-inspiration hit it was late April. My last final was May 12. I realized that I was not going to half-ass my way through the rest of the school year blogging wise. I really wanted to focus on myself and really set up a game plan for what I wanted the blog to look like from here on out, what I wanted MYSELF to look like from here on out. Oh, haha, yeah, and school. I guess that also gets thrown in there when you attend college. I won’t lie, I have REALLY been working to improve myself, and I am beyond proud. I am proud of my GPA, I am proud of the time I commit to exercising every day, I am proud of the foods I am putting into my body, I am proud of the time I am spending with God every day, I am proud of the way I am handling situations, I am proud of the new connections and relationships I have made, and I am proud of my heart for always staying true to itself and not letting go of what it believes in. I am proud, and proud of that too.

I am finally also proud of the way I feel about my blog. For the longest time it was this battle of approval with myself and my readers and the people I actually speak with day to day in my life. I would be scared to post an Insta because I didn’t want to see my followers drop, I would be scared to hit post because of what people who get my posts emailed to their inbox may think of what I write, I compared myself to other bloggers, and a bunch of negative things that really did nothing but hurt the confidence I had. From now on, blogging is, and always will be, what I want it to be. My opinions on faith, my opinions on clothes ,my opinions on life and coffee and everything in between.

I have full faith that the people who care about me will stick around and support me for that exact reason: they care about me. I have spent too much time in my life waiting and worrying to impress people that don’t really care about the things that are important to me, and I have slowly realized, what a waste of time and energy! Care for everyone, duh. But, don’t waste your time changing to impress someone who doesn’t have your best interest at heart. This is SO important to becoming who you are. It has taken me many attempts of trial and error to remind myself this over and over. I will find myself psyching my brain out to the max when I don’t know a positive answer or outcome. The worst possible scenario always seems the most realistic at the moment and it can be so easy to fall into that trap of thinking of other’s opinions before your own. Too often I forget that God works through me every single day, like he does all of us, and if my actions are paved with God’s opinions, isn’t the only validation I truly should be seeking…His? Remind yourself that over and over and over AND OVER again when you find yourself hesitating to do something you believe in because you are scared of what other’s might think. If it pleases God, it should please you.

This post is beyond lengthy and I promise there are so many more fun and light-hearted ones coming, but this one had to be addressed first. And for those of you who stuck around for that lame excuse: YEET I dropped my laptop off my desk and that ended super not so well (RIGTHT in the midst of finals week ladies and gents!) So there was yet another reason I had to put off my typing and publishing unless I wanted to post solely from off the WordPress app on my phone. Which I DID do back in NYC. and I am typing to you from a brand spankin’ new one! It was due time I upgraded anyways but I almost miss my sweet 2012 MacBook. The newest version is very much up to speed though and doesn’t take two minutes to launch a website (talk about a 21st century complaint…) so we are getting along just fine!

Well that’s all for now, but expect to be hearing from me soon! & MAYBE even some video content coming soon!

Until next time, xoxo, Ally


Mom’s weekend recap!

Disclaimer: College is ten times more fun when your mom is there.


Seriously. College is great, the independence is great, the freedom is great, the friends are great, the food…well. But all of that PLUS your mom…THE BEST. Alpha Chi had Mom’s weekend this past weekend and it was the most amazing weekend ever. Having three younger siblings, it’s not often that I get an entire weekend to just my mom and myself, so this was a really nice time to just hang and do what we do best: eat and shop.


If you didn’t know this about me already: I could eat Mexican food for every meal for the rest of my life and be very very content. I have had it twice a day for the past 4 days and have absolutely zero regrets about it. Give this girl a taco and some guac and I will be yours forever. (Throw in some queso, a tamale, and a mock marg and I’m really sold!) So naturally my mom and I hit up all the good Mexican stops Lawrence has to offer.

Alpha Chi had the yummiest brunch and silent auction at a really pretty hall to kick off the weekend on Saturday. Live music and parfaits never do any wrong in my mind! My friend Brooke, her mom, myself, and my mom headed out to KC for the afternoon to do some shopping after brunch. J.Crew was 50% off the entire store, plus Brooke & I’s 15% off student discount…so you can guess the end of that story.

After shopping, mama and I crashed at the hotel for a bit before heading back out into Lawrence for some late night corn salsa + fajitas and of course a little bit of coffee and a little bit more shopping 😉

SOO many hugs to my mama for making her way down to KU this weekend to share some fun girl time with me! Give your mom a huge hug when ya see her next. Mean it.

Until next time, xoxo, Ally


links I’m lovin’ 4/7/17


{1} Big time apologies for the lack of posts in the past week and a half. Life happens. Oops.

{2} I also was pretty darn preoccupied finishing “13 Reasons Why” within the first 48 hours it was released on Netflix. Already on the edge of my seat for season two. Beyond thrilled Selena Gomez + other producers took the time and effort to make the series as real and raw as possible on a topic that is beyond tough to make a series about. If you’ve already watched like I have, make sure to take a peek at the “Behind the Reasons” feature on Netflix that goes behind the scenes with the actors. They’re all so darn amazing.

{3} This post by Carly was like a direct message to how overwhelmed I was this week.

{4} New cold brew from Starbuck’s just in time for spring?? Sign me the heck up!

{5} So I am naturally still obsessed with the “Beauty and The Beast” soundtrack, and this Josh Groban song has been on utter repeat for me all week. so. dang. good.

{6} Another links post another Anthro item…

{7} How stinking cute are these carrot patch cupcakes!!! For sure want to whip some up for Easter when I am home!

{8} Another recipe…

{9} Just a little weekly reminder 

{10} My mom is coming down tomorrow!!!!! Mom’s weekend for AlphaChi and I’m so stoked to get to eat ALL the food with her, AND the SUN is FINALLY out!!!!!!

Until next time, xoxo,



prayer + power


I attended a small faith group last night and we watched a video that really hit me in a lot of different places regarding my faith. A point got brought up that God should be treated like the most valuable and famous contact in our phones, and what do we do with that contact? It is kinda pointless to just let it sit there. Is God in your favorites? Hopefully your #1 most called?

The past few weeks, I have been really trying to delve even deeper into my relationship with God. I’m sure not afraid to talk about my faith, even on the blog, but I do think it is something God is calling me to do just a bit more often. I say this because I was sitting in my pew at the daily 5:15 Mass today and our pastor was about one sentence into his homily and my fingers were practically shaking to type out everything he was saying. It was one of those moments where I wanted to walk up to the alter and just start going OFF about everything he was bringing up, in a positive manner of course. Have you ever been sitting in Mass and maybe you’ve been having a bad day or are going through a difficult situation and it seems like every single reading, song, and word spoken at Mass is directly chosen for you? That was me today. I think it is the ultimate coolest thing that God works in that way and that everything said probably related to everyone in every pew in a somewhat different way. So here I am finally getting to type out a little bit of what hit me right in all the good spots today:

It started with the first reading for today:

Exodus 32:7-14: 

Yahweh then said to Moses, ‘Go down at once, for your people whom you brought here from Egypt have become corrupt.

8 They have quickly left the way which I ordered them to follow. They have cast themselves a metal calf, worshipped it and offered sacrifice to it, shouting, “Israel, here is your God who brought you here from Egypt!” ‘

9 Yahweh then said to Moses, ‘I know these people; I know how obstinate they are!

10 So leave me now, so that my anger can blaze at them and I can put an end to them! I shall make a great nation out of you instead.’

11 Moses tried to pacify Yahweh his God. ‘Yahweh,’ he said, ‘why should your anger blaze at your people, whom you have brought out of Egypt by your great power and mighty hand?

12 Why should the Egyptians say, “He brought them out with evil intention, to slaughter them in the mountains and wipe them off the face of the earth?” Give up your burning wrath; relent over this disaster intended for your people.

13 Remember your servants Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, to whom you swore by your very self and made this promise: “I shall make your offspring as numerous as the stars of heaven, and this whole country of which I have spoken, I shall give to your descendants, and it will be their heritage for ever.”

14 Yahweh then relented over the disaster which he had intended to inflict on his people.

I was sitting in my pew and thinking about everything that had been said and I won’t lie, I was a little mad at God when I heard it read. God wanted to just wipe out the people of Egypt?! Didn’t He promise that He would never harm His people like that again? Why did it take a mere human like Moses to convince Him otherwise?! That’s when the priest started his homily and the video I watched last night all came full circle and everything hit me like a train. God wants us to pray. God wants us to have a living relationship with Him. God wants us to ask Him questions. God wants a relationship with us, not simply a business partnership.

God wanted Moses to pray to Him, to debate with Him, to ask Him questions. He knew Moses was frustrated with God’s want to wipe out the people just like I was! God wanted to see if Moses was going to treat God like the friend He was and push himself to wonder if this was truly the right choice. Now you, like I also was, are probably thinking something along the lines of, “who the heck am I to question God’s choices?!” and you’re right. God has our best intentions at heart and wants nothing but the best for His people. He loves us, but that being said, He wants us to engage with Him. The best way to do that? Prayer.

Take a look at Moses and the way he prayed to God. He talked to God and vouched for his people! He knew how powerful God is and knew that if he took the steps needed that God would answer his prayers! I think we can all learn a little bit about how to pray from the way Moses did in this reading and also from a few points that I learned last night.

Prayer should be three things: real, relaxed, and revealing.

Prayer should be REAL: In scripture we will hear a lot about “Pharisees”, in other words, people of the time of Jesus that were VERY “high up” in the day in the religious world and were VERY proud of the fact they prayed. They were very boastful and very showy in how they prayed; publicly and loudly, reciting the same prayers day to day. However, they weren’t real. They prayed because it was a ritual, it wasn’t a conversation with God. Sure they were loud, but their point wasn’t heard. Sure they had fancy prayers praising God, but they never got to really know Him. God should be our #1 contact, but never just our life-alert button. We GET, not HAVE to make contact with God. So when you do pray, make sure you are doing it to fulfill a relationship with Him, not just because you need something and think a quick Hail Mary will do the trick. Sure, God hears those prayers too, but you will so much better understand why you even needed to pray if you had that steady relationship with God.

Prayer should be RELAXED: I write, a lot. (duh.) Writing is my love language and it is what makes me feel good and let all my emotions out. I seriously feel like I am going to explode some days if my hand hasn’t put pen to paper. So naturally, writing is a big part of how I feel most comfortable praying. When starting to really develop a relationship with God that was going to be more personal, I knew that I was going to have to do more than just go to Mass and say a prayer before bed. This is where journaling came in. I now can’t go to bed without doing it. What started off this semester as a psychology notebook (the notes are online parents don’t fret) is now a beat up mess of everything that has ever happened to me. I tell God everything from what I ate for dinner to why I am frustrated to how I am excited to see someone to how I’ve had the worst day ever. I truly started to feel so much more relaxed while praying when I realized I can do it in through writing, which is what makes me comfortable, instead of what I used to do, which was just a quick sign of the cross and from there a shot in the dark that one of the prayers I learned in kindergarten would do the trick for my math test. Another point that hit me hard is “worry is the death of prayer.” SO TRUE. It’s like when I call my mom and she’s busy at work and I’m wanting to talk about my day (oh wow, funny how life reverses on you while growing up…) and it is a quick 2 mins and a “I’ll call you back later.” Even though I know she’s busy, I also don’t feel super fulfilled after that phone call. Granted, even though I swear sometimes she’s wonder woman, she’s human, and gets busy like the rest of us. God? As unbelievable as it is, is NEVER too busy to listen to us. & there is NEVER a bad time to give Him a call! He WANTS to have this chill relationship with us where we can come to Him for EVERYTHING…which leads me into the last point….

Prayer should be REVEALING: Okay so I have a hunch that this is the hardest one for most people to get over and to really go deep with their conversations and prayers to God, I know it was for me. I had this dumb theory in the back of my mind forever that if I never told people the bad things in my life or if I just kinda tried to forget them that they would go away. Ya know, ignorance is bliss, it’s not real until you say it’s real type of thing. Here’s where I went wrong: I thought it was this way with God too. Don’t go to confession…then God will know everything I did wrong. Newsflash: He kinda already knows. Everything. When I made that mental switch that I can’t hide anything from God, talking and journaling to Him got A LOT easier. Start now and STOP telling God what you think He “wants” to hear. Stop leaving out the problems in your life. That’s what He wants to help you with, but just like any relationship, you need to communicate. If you’re mad?! Tell God. If you’re frustrated with what He seems to be putting you through?! Tell God. If you’re questioning a path He is bringing you down?! ASK HIM ABOUT IT! Learn to talk to God like you talk to everyone else, but know that He will never judge you, never leave you, or never do you wrong for something you say. Be revealing with God, be real, be raw, be authentic. He knows every single turn you take and trust me, I’m sure He questions us and the decisions we make sometimes too! I made myself laugh the other day (I think I’m really funny, FYI) and was journaling about a decision that I had made that probably wasn’t the best, and God had given me plenty of warning signs not to do it, but here I am, small human bean thinking I know better. I could almost picture God sitting in The Office set and looking at the hidden camera just like on the show and asking “why Ally? I told you so!” Okay yeah, I did just attempt to spiritualize a tv show. Quite honestly, I think God has a fairly good sense of humor. He has too after just being able to shake off and laugh and teach us from some of the crazy decisions we make.

So those are three ways I really want to start impacting my own prayer life and really encourage you to do the same. This post was a lil lengthy, so I hope you’ve made it this far, BUT I also hope you bookmark this or screenshot parts that stood out or share it with a friend. I really really really think that how you pray and how you talk to God can impact your relationship with Him and quite frankly, change your life.

Lemme leave ya with a quick one of my new favorite quotes:
“I would rather be who I am, for it is what God chose to make me, than the most glorious creature I can think of. For to have been thought about, born in God’s thoughts, and then made by God is the dearest, most precious, most grandest thing.”

Happy Friday-Eve my friends!

Until next time, xoxo, Ally


March mindful musings

Maybe it is because I am in college now and am more or less learning things that I somewhat enjoy ( I’m not talking to you, physical geography or college algebra ), or at least are leading me in the direction of my future career. Or, maybe it’s just that life is fricken cool, but I am becoming more and more aware of things that I am learning every single day. I just finished up writing a reflection for one of my classes and it hit me how much I have changed since coming to college, and how much newfound knowledge I have within me. Whether it be the formation of sand dunes, or rules of friendship, they’ve all impacted my life big time. As someone who isn’t afraid to admit and has written a billion posts on how terrified of change I am, it was sort of satisfying to sit back and realize how much of the gradual but important change has impacted who I am without me even noticing it, and for the better! Crazy how things are less scary when we look back at doing them.


Now, I by no means have any claim to these lessons being things that will drastically increase the joy and emphasize all the good in your life, but they sure as heck have for me and they sure as heck might for you. After all, we’re all just human beans. So without further ado, I present you yet another list of my life ramblings in no particular oder:

-Everyone is at a different place in life, and everyone experiences different things at different points in their lives. Just because you’re going through a hard time doesn’t mean the people around you are too. Just because your friend declared their major last week doesn’t mean you are any lesser for still being undecided. Just because your younger sister seems to have more friends than you do doesn’t mean that you never will. Life is all about patience, and most of the time is just one big waiting game. Learn to be patient, the sooner the better. This all being said, trust the timing in your life, you’re exactly at the right spot kid, don’t sweat it.

-You are the only you, let that be your superpower.

-Keep faith that with every “no”, there is an even bigger “heck yes” right down the road.

-Dreaming big is great, but achieving big is even better. With a little hustle and a whole lot of heart, you can literally be anything you want to be and do anything you want to do. So why the heck aren’t you? Ask yourself that often, and adjust your motives and priorities accordingly.

-Never give up on something you can’t go a day without thinking about. This can range from people in your life to that sweet new dance move that somehow looks way cooler when the professionals on Facebook videos do it…#guiltyobsessedwithfacebookvideos. But really, don’t give up. You’ll thank yourself later. & Sometimes people need that person to not give up on them, don’t we all?

-You never just “come across” an opportunity, they’re given to you for a reason. Take them.


-Friendships require constant energy, effort, time, and commitment. Find your people and love them well. Learn to be a friend that loves no matter what, and genuinely cares. Most of all, understand that your friends are human and have probably felt a lot of the same feelings you have.

-Be the kind of person you’d want to meet. Hold yourself to those standards.

-Get to know yourself. Have a for sure answer for ice breakers like “what’s your favorite color” or “what’s your favorite ice cream flavor!” God forbid you actually find an intriguing answer to an “interesting fact about yourself” prompt while you’re at it!

-Gosh dang. Appreciate your family. Eat dinner with them if you still live at home (I miss this the most.) Have sleepovers with your little sisters when you visit. Pay for their ice cream. Go to your little brother’s baseball games. Stop yourself from going through a phase where you’re ever angry at your parents, they love you more than you know and are always (annoyingly) right.

-drink. water. and then drink more. and then drink some more again later. trust me.

-You don’t have to do anything alone and asking for help is NOT giving up. Asking for help shows bravery that you want to get past whatever you’re fighting and too many battles go unfought when people don’t take this step.


-Little things do matter!!! So send a card to your friend!!! Bring them a snack!! Shoot them a text that you love them!! Seriously people, do little things with great love.

-God is a lot easier to talk to than absolutely everyone else.

-Forgiveness is a big ole superpower so learn to quickly accept the apologies you never will receive. Grudges aren’t worth anyone’s time. Stop wasting time being angry, it gets nobody anywhere ever.

-Do things every single day that make you happy. Find a routine in the morning and night time and make sure there are small things included that you enjoy doing. For me its my morning coffee and stretching and my nightly book reading and washing my face in my pajamas (the BEST feeling oh my!) When you give yourself these small consistent things to look forward to, the day starts and ends just a little bit sweeter.

So take what you will and add what you can with your own noggin & keep on learnin and livin

Until next time!

xoxo, Ally


Monday mood playlist

I have never been an intense music junkie, but over spring break I was super into finding music that fits my mood. Spotify is always my go-to with their pre-set mood playlists, but it was kinda fun to pick my own music as well. I compiled a playlist of music that was my ultimate jam this past week. Considering it was fairly overcast and our kitchen was being retouched with paint aka our house was under slight construction, I had to get slightly creative with what I all did while at home. I ended up doing a lot of room organizing, bulletin board designing, and a WHOLE LOT of Fixer Upper watching. Basically this was my “sit on my freshly made bed and scroll through Pinterest playlist” but it is still my fav.

Hope you enjoy my assorted jams! What are your “must listen to” songs?! Let me know in the comments if there are any I need to try out!

Until next time!

xoxo, Ally


links I’m lovin’ 2/24/17

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 12.27.24 PM.png


1// J.Crew ‘Do’s and Don’t’s Lists’ are always some of my favorites of the whole year! This time around is no exception.

2// super intrigued by this chocolate chip cookie recipe. I’ve never met a cookie I didn’t like & the secret ingredient in these is seriously so interesting! Must try!!!

3// spring break has been pretty rainy where I am from, which has also got me listening to way too much Frank Sinatra…don’t knock it ’till ya try it because I never thought I’d be into that kind of music but I am HOOKED!

4// I am OBSESSED with this Anthro top. It is screaming “wear me to a summer neighborhood BBQ” and I am not arguing 😉

5// My music taste has obviously been expanding this week…& this cover of “Stand By Me” has me in love with Florence + The Machine. Too dreamy.

6// I’ll admit it. I’m a sucker for ruffles. (the food + the style!!!) Formal is sneaking up on me quicker than I’d like it too and I am sort of leaning towards ordering this dress from Altar’d State! Not sure on the bold color though…we shall see if I am willing to jump out of my comfort zone on this one!

7// If you are in need of a little mental retreat for yourself. Go see The Shack in theaters. I’m serious it is the best movie I have ever seen, like, ever. My grandma and I went yesterday and were seriously speechless after it finished. It covers SO MANY aspects of faith that you never even think about and the actors are perfect for each role. It touches on why tragedy occurs, forgiveness, relationships, and how hecka important it is to remember that every single thing that happens to you is in God’s plan and how naive we truly are to His power. Can’t say enough good things about it so you just need to go see it yourself!

8// I want EVERYTHING in Kate’s 25th “latest and greatest” post. everything.

9// I could watch this video for hours.

10// You’ll find me glued to the TV tomorrow night because my hawks are in the #eliteeight !!!!! Rock Chalk baby! REALLY hoping for a win while I attend the school and REALLY hoping I am not jinxing it right now…

until next time! TGIF!

xoxo, Ally


Weekly Whirlwind

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 11.53.01 AMC6gtrBxVoAMlPZT

Woah hey there, it’s already Wednesday! Apologizes for the lack of posts, I’ll give a more in depth break down to what I’ve been up to in a hot second, but basically I had a quick but rough case of the “Corbin Fever.” Corbin is the name of the residence hall (fun fact: KU doesn’t believe in the term “dorm” and I think it is kinda funny. They encourage our usage of the term “residence hall”)  and it is, generously, very old. Old as in they’re knocking it down to do renovations next year old. Old as in there is A LOT of dirt and grime and getting sick is more of a hobby than a rare occurrence. Starting around 5:30 am on Saturday, I was down for the count and literally did not leave my bed all weekend. Thank goodness for the JCrew website and Gossip Girl to keep me sane. Thankfully I am feeling almost fully better and have been trekking it to all my classes this week!

Speaking of classes…haha welcome to midterms!! I actually only have one real midterm exam this semester but have plenty of projects and Spring Break assignments to make up for that. I don’t mind the assignments keeping me busy, but I am more than ready for a nice break back home.

BEFORE I got sick, my cousin Sam got to come down and hang with me last Thursday! I actually only have one class on Thursday and it ended up getting cancelled which gave us an entire day to just explore campus and downtown. It was 70 degrees, sunny, and the best day. We ate lunch at my sorority, got homemade waffle cones at Sylas and Maddy’s: the best local ice cream stop, got fries and limeade at my favorite pizza place, and got some delish Chinese for dinner. Between all that food, we napped a bit and did a bit of shopping which was SO fun. Lawrence may be a huge college town, but downtown for sure has such a charming and fun personality to just walk and explore.

I am on the membership programming (sisterhood) committee at Alpha Chi and we have been meeting and discussing so many fun events for the spring such as Mom’s Weekend, Finals week, and so many more bonding. Shoot me an email or leave a comment if your sorority does anything super fun I should look into!

Lastly, I have been really trying to go to more daily masses as part of my Lenten promise and last night the campus parish had a surprise birthday party after the 9pm mass for one of our priests! He was so excited to see so many people there to appreciate him, which we really do, he’s the best. 9pm mass is also one of my favorites because the church turns a lot of the lights off and it is just so serene and calming. How are your Lenten promises going if you’re Catholic or practice Lent?

Well I think that’s about it for what I have been up to. I am planning on heading home this weekend after cheering on my Jayhawks in their first March Madness game Friday (fingers crossed for my multiple brackets!) 

Until next time, dream big, xoxo,  Ally










links I’m lovin 3/10/17

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 10.18.20 AM.png

Happy Friday once again my friends! March is speeding on by and bringing me a bunch of good weather and even better outfit inspo! (Isn’t that what it’s all about anyways?!)

1// Starting off with a shameless self promo of a blog post from Monday that I am still implementing into my brain every single second. Stop waiting to be your best self. Yeah, I’m talking to you!

2// With my family in Sanibel island in Florida (yeah they left me here, yeah I’m not over it) and Carly venturing through Bermuda I have been having major island fever. But seriously, I’m dying over the blue and white look she sported here.

3// IN LOVE with these Sam&Libby sandals. The pink ones are 100% on my spring break shopping list…Target you never fail me.

4// Yet another spring break lust list item…

5// I need these donuts in my mouth right now immediately. Not to mention lemon/blueberry is potentially my favorite flavor combo of all time.

6// It’s March but we all still need the boost…

Until next time, xoxo, Ally