All About Me

Hey there! I’m Ally!  Besides this slice of the web’s namesake, “Allison Nicole” is more my alter ego that allows me to justify overdressing for occasions and taking pictures of my food (as if I didn’t do that before I started blogging!) I started this blog back in the fall of 2014, during my junior year of high school, as a way to use my love for witty words and writing to express some of my everyday loves and adventures along with sharing some wisdom when I’ve got it.

I am now a twenty something livin my version of the dream in Kansas City! I recently graduated from the University of Kansas (rock chalk) and am a first year first grade teacher. I also am in grad school for Leadership and Administration. In between teaching and school, you can find me filling my “free time” (or lack thereof) with skimming the J.Crew website, perfecting my margarita recipe, or hunting down KC’s best margheria za.

If you ever have a question or just wanna chat, never hesitate to shoot me an email over at


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