contact + FAQ’s

Feel free to contact me, I would LOVE to hear from you!


I am open to giveaways, product reviews, and other forms of collaboration. If you or your company are interested in collaborating, please contact me at the email above.

Instagram: @xoxoallisonnicole // Snapchat: xoxoakn // Pinterest: Al Kmiecik // Tumblr


When did you start your blog? I started my blog in November of 2014 as a way to spread a lil love for my writing and have a creative outlet for my junior year of high school stress. Since then I have fallen in love with the blogging community, increased my passion for fashion, and grown to love my writing style along the way.

Who takes your pictures? LOL anyone who is willing. Usually one of my close friends or my sister when I can convince them enough. I’ve talked my 10 year old brother into it before. Anyone who is close to me is used to the “can you take a picture of this?” signature line.

Where do you go to school/What are you majoring in? I am a junior at the University of Kansas majoring in Elementary Education and minoring in Marketing!

Are you in a sorority? I am a member of the 2016 pledge class of Alpha Chi Omega here at KU and love every second of it!

How do you edit your pictures? VSCO & Afterlight are my go-to’s for Instagram. As for pics on the blog itself, a simple “enhance” in iPhoto usually works for me but I am learning more and more to play around with Adobe Lightroom!

What’s your Starbucks order? Vanilla iced coffee with coconut milk, light ice if I want iced coffee. Mango Black Tea if I want iced tea. & Skinny Vanilla latte with coconut milk if I am feelin a lil special 🙂

xoxo, Ally

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