How to drink more water!

I will forever and always preach that water is literally the secret to life. From clear skin, to being energized for the day, to curing most of my spring time allergies, it does it all people! The average recommendation is 8 cups of water a day, and I sometimes strive to drink even more on summer days or days where I am being super active! Just like any lifestyle change, getting used to drinking loads of water can be difficult, so here are a few of the sneaky ways I get more water into my daily routine!!!!

Spring 19 Style Edit

I love looking back at my old post and seeing how much I have changed over the years. However, when looking at my old 'edits' that I've made...the quality has gotten better and the process has been easier, but one thing stays the same = ya girl LOVES flowers and basics. I live for the looks that basically are described by a mix between what Reese Witherspoon would wear to the airport, and your neighborhood Pottery Barn employee. I just adore pieces that I know I'll wear forever, and without fail feel comfortable in every time.

Coming Back from The Brink of Burnout

As you can imagine and I'm sure lots of you relate to, being a full time student, working a part time job, holding leadership positions, and managing to find time to eat and sleep and catch up on your friends' lives seems nearly impossible most days until it's all done and we pass out .5 seconds after climbing into bed. I KNOW lots of you can relate because our generation. Loves. To. Be. "Busy." Being "busy" and "stressed" has almost turned into a fad and trend of our generation, and frankly, it SUCKS!!!