happiness overload

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Let me start this post off by reminding you, trust me, the life of Allison Nicole isn’t always sparkles and giggles and smiles. yes believe it or not there are plenty of moments when the sun isn’t exactly shining my way. examples: when the Starbucks lady gives you like 99% ice and approximately 1% Starbucks goodness, when the Chick-fil-A worker forgets to give you sauce, and worst of all: when McDonald’s is out of ice cream (which is practically every time i’m craving an m&m mcflurry) On a more serious note, yes sometimes i have low points. But lately those awful events have been slim and i’m more than over the moon about it. overall, i’ve just been very, happy.

i LOVE the word thrive. it truly defines what i strive and achieve to do every single day. i’ve learned life is so much more fun with you have meaning to what you’re doing and you do everything to its absolute fullest potential. in other and more common words: live life to the fullest.

life is such a cool, amazing, stunning, and beautiful thing and being able to experience it one little moment at a time is just the absolute neatest thing. taking time for myself to sit down and think about what my goals are and how i want to achieve them is probably what has made me most happy lately. it’s one thing to know that a certain goal is something you want to achieve. but it is a whole new experience to sit down and not stress yourself out by thinking about this task, but instead just realizing it is possible.

for me it’s sitting on pinterest with my coffee in the early mornings or late nights. looking at quotes and realizing what my beliefs are, my motives, my morals, my every day mottos. finding little words that stand out to me and make me realize, “that’s it, that’s what i wanna do today, i want to live with those words in mind”

so i’ve created a little something for you guys. a section of my blog dedicated to these quotes i find and love. I’m going to try to update and refresh it whenever I find a new set of words i’m in love with so you guys can have those morning mantra moments as well. just click the “happy place” section at the top of this page and it’ll lead you straight there! I hope this is just a little slice into making your day a little bit better.

remember, go out there and thrive.

xoxo, Allison

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