spring picnics

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Happy happy happy first day of spring my friends! with the Nebraska winter and teases of warm weather during spring break it seemed like my favorite season of the year would never fully arrive! but it’s here and boy do i have treats upon treats for you! so get ready for a season filled not only with warm sunshine and blooming flowers; but also plenty of posts filled with smiles and spring colors!





My buddy Rachel and I made the most of our spring break last week on one of the nicest days and did some of our favorite things and it was one of my favorite days ever. we’re both big suckers for JCrew and Whole Foods so a lunch date was to be in session. we headed off to Whole Foods and picked up some super yummy salad and couldn’t resist sneaking a peek at the dessert section and when fruit tarts caught our eyes you betcha those were snatched up. on the way out we couldn’t help but stop by the flowers and pick some up (even though they were later given to dominic when i asked him to our Prom, because hey, boys deserve flowers too!) we sat on the steps of my old grade school and ate and it was a wonderful time filled with good food and lots of laughs.

i loved catching up with Rach and eatin’ real good food while doing so! so i hope you take the chance this spring to make a little picnic date with your buddy, it’s well worth it! Have an amazing start to spring!

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xoxo, Allison

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