{weekly catchup and sparkle}

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wow hi friends long time no type! spring break has sadly left me and school is back in full swing. luckily this girl has tomorrow off otherwise i’m not quite sure if i would make it out alive. this week was crazy stressful, as fast as it went. booked with after school activities, loads of homework, and the stress of a Marian Field Day. (if you don’t know, it’s my school’s tradition of school spirit coming up in April, more details to come) To some it up this weakend has taken all my energy and then some, so i thought i would spend Thursday night (practically Friday, Whoo!) to just kinda catch up and chat with you all on what allison nicole has been up to (or ally, honestly just call me ally)

FEELIN// junior yearish. if that’s a feeling. if not i’m making it one because there are sure enough feeling to associate with it to make it its own. it’s bitter sweet realizing that there are less than three semesters left of high school. trust me some days i am more than ready to move into college and other days i’m super glad that i’m only 16. the stress for sure gets to you some days though and i’ve concluded my best remedy is just some little treat yo selves (so basically starbucks) and some comfy dates with my bed.

EATIN// can i get a little bit of love for sweet potato fries because hello lovelies. now i’m an avid french fry foodie. like any day french fries will not do, they’ve gotta be good. and sweet potato fries, those are good. add some sea salt on top and praise the Lord. If i have a sweet potato itself on hand (quite honestly that is pretty rare) i will chop that up and just bake those in the oven until they’re crispy with some olive oil, but Trader Joe’s has some frozen ones that you just pop in the oven that are equally as bomb.

SHOPPIN// so there is a LUSH opening in my town in late May and let’s just say the money is already being saved. also my target addiction has become such an issue and now that all the cute easter stuff is out i can’t resist myself ( i say this about utterly every holiday if we’re being honest here but they’re all so fricken cute)

LOVIN// my pjs sets. this is such a given i won’t continue i think you all understand my love.

well there’s a little catch-up! hope you have a good day tomorrow for those of you in school! my day off will be spent working on some sweet stuff for you!

xoxo, Allison

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