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Happy Friday my friends!

I’ve been reading this kind of post on other blogs and finding it more and more funny every time i come across it: a break down of what really goes on during instagram photography sessions. because trust me i’ve been caught way too often with the “ally are you kidding me?” phrase when taking pictures of the most random things from the most random angles #oops #sorryJ.CrewWorkersWhoWereStaringYourShoesWereVeryPhotogenic. dominic and i got ice cream downtown last night and he jokingly teased me with “aren’t you gonna take a picture?” so of course we stopped in the middle of the street even after he begged to keep going claiming he was joking (i don’t think he was joking he loves being featured secretly) so here is my little version sharing all of my very embarrassing and way too common white girl photo ops and failures of what i’m TRYING (trying is the key word there) to portray:


what I want you to think:

it is winter and snowing so i’m casually drinking my coffee outside on this super nice snow day standing up in the middle of my front yard with no coat on! so causal! so fun! 

what’s actually happening:

its freakin below zero and my toes are frozen and this coffee tastes like dog poop because putting in too much creamer would’ve ruined the color of the coffee and i think my neighbors are about to ask me if i want a coat


what i want you to think:

so hip, so cool, what great lighting coming from my artsy day at Starbucks just blogging my life away

what’s actually happening:

the sun was in my eyes and i looked like a loner sitting in the corner of Starbucks because we had no wifi at my home and i rearranged those notebooks probably two hundred times and i was pretending to text so no one laughed at me while taking this


what i want you to think:

what a cute cupcake date! so pink and green! very lilly! so fun!

what’s actually happening:

i literally stopped in the middle of the street for this one and it took all my self control not to eat these cupcakes later to find out dominic took this exact same picture already when i was in the bathroom and it looked ten times better than this one NOT FAIR THAT IS NOT HOW THIS WORKS. (also slightly proud he even thought to take a picture like that, true blogger boyfriend)


what i want you to think:

such a cute spring outfit! loving life in this warm weather hence why i’m wearing a dress and sunglasses! what cute jewelry! so spring!

what’s actually happening:

i literally have nike shorts on under this dress and tennis shoes on and i’m wearing sunglasses indoors. this is taken against my bathroom wall and i didn’t even want the monogram to be in the picture but i was home alone and couldn’t figure out how to take it off by myself…

well there is the slightly embarrassing but all too true self behind my instagram shots you see in those little squares of my life. check them out on @xoxoallisonnicole (self promo sorry kinda sorry) if you aren’t following it already for even more pics like this that i’m sure aren’t what they seem to be.

and just because he asked for this here are those begged for (“i was joking”) ice cream snaps:


have a great friday and an even better weekend!

xoxo, Allison

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2 thoughts on “behind the ‘gram

  1. Claire says:

    OMG I AM CRYING! This is too funny Al!! Seriously though, you’ve totally captured the ‘behind the ‘gram’ to a T. It’s so true that we all try to take these cool, artsy pictures and they are actually incredibly staged/embarrassing/difficult to take. SPOT ON my dear.


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