St. Louis Recap pt. 2

Hey friends! I am back with another set of pictures mainly of food from Brenna & I’s trip to STL a little over a week ago! Pretty sure I left you off last time after our amazing brunch at The Boathouse in Forest Park, butttttt we basically went back and took a nice nap before the rest of the night’s festivities. We woke up (by we I mean I) craving ice cream. After a quick Instagram/Apple Maps search I stumbled upon a place I decided we HAD to check out. It was called The Baked Bear and basically it’s the only dessert I ever want for the rest of my life.


It’s famous for their ice cream sandwiches, but Brenna and I decided to really go all out and get half brownie, half pumpkin spice cookie, with espresso ice cream, rolled in sprinkles, and hot pressed. Zero regrets on that one. Wow.

After heading back from our ice cream coma we got ready for Hoodie and had full intentions of heading to a math themed pizza place (Brenna’s dream I think.) However, it was the opposite direction of the venue and Brenna found a little Middle Eastern spot right across the street. We were seriously so impressed and both actually ended up agreeing that although last minute, it was easily our favorite food we ate all trip.


Next up was the concert at 7 and I have zero words to describe how much fun it is to see Hoodie in person. We got to meet him and he even is making a vlog appearance coming soon! Brenna and I always manage to end up laughing with every adventure we go on and this one was no exception, especially when he decided to play a Shawn Mendes song (Brenna’s favorite) and it was the perfect mix of two of our favorite things!


The next day we were en route for Lawrence again but spent a slow morning getting breakfast, grabbing tea from the cutest spot, and making a quick arch pitstop because, well, when in STL I suppose.


The trip was SO much fun and I wish we could go on mini vacations every single weekend! Hope you enjoyed stepping into our trip with us!

Until next time (& until this summer STL), xoxo, Ally


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