thankful for being the friend that always cries


You know that friend I’m sure you all have associated with that is overly emotional, gets offended way too easily, and cries over things like running out of milk and already having poured her cereal? That is me. I am the annoying overly emotional friend. It’s funny how life works that way though, because a majority of the people i would call close friends couldn’t be emotional if their life depended on it. However I take it all. I’m a feeler, I’m a crier, I’m a huge dreamer.

With Thanksgiving tomorrow I sat back and realized that although i have been made fun of for crying at the stupidest of situations, I couldn’t be more thankful for being emotional. It keeps me in tune with all of my senses and allows me to find my favorite feelings in life like these:

early Sunday mornings: easily the absolute best time of the week. 6am-8am=pure bliss. sleeping in can’t even compare

Christmas Eve: my favorite day of the entire year. spent with my family and all our festive traditions. no other day makes me want to put down my phone and just be happy in the moment quite like this one.

the first swim of summer: cold water and jumping in without testing the temperature first. hair wet or it doesn’t count.

unpacking in hotel rooms: nothing says aesthetically pleasing like unpacking on a freshly made bed knowing you have a few adventures ahead of you

peeing of laughter: been there done that, would do it ten thousand more times.

lookin’ real good and knowing it: i’m talking the waiting for your date to pick you up just spent the past half hour in your bathroom jamming to Pandora while curling your hair kind’ve feeling. I know you’ve been there.

finding the perfect dress: nothing says stressful like dress shopping and nothing says “thank goodness” like finally finding one you love and dance partying in the dressing room

turning off the lights for bed: no more screen time, just you and your dreams.

feeling in the moment: the 100% pure bliss I could start crying from happiness kind of feeling. soak that one up. live in the here. live in the now. be thankful for each and every second, and learn how to feel.learn how to know each one of your emotions and never be afraid to hide any of grateful. give thanks.

Happy Turkey Day my friends! May you spend it with everyone who makes you smile! Until next time, xoxo, Ally


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