How to drink more water!


I will forever and always preach that water is literally the secret to life. From clear skin, to being energized for the day, to curing most of my spring time allergies, it does it all people! The average recommendation is 8 cups of water a day, and I sometimes strive to drink even more on summer days or days where I am being super active! Just like any lifestyle change, getting used to drinking loads of water can be difficult, so here are a few of the sneaky ways I get more water into my daily routine!!!!


// ask for an ice water along with your coffee order // 

This is such an easy and simple one that is so sneaky! I grab coffee more than I should (really need to quit doing that…yikes), but even when I am sitting at a coffee shop getting some work done, I ALWAYS ask for a glass of ice water along with whatever I order! Not only does it fuel your body, but it gives you something else to sip on! I usually drink my water until my coffee is slightly cooled off (I swear all my burnt tongue incidents are from coffee) and when I am focused on sipping on the water as well, my coffee lasts much longer! Make sure you ask for water when you’re in the drive-thru line to! They’re always more than happy to add it to your order for free!

// keep water by your bed // 

Prayer, stretches, and water. Ya gotta start AND end your day with the good stuff! During the school year, it would be my Camelbak or S’well water bottle that I would keep on my top bunk, but at home I just use a normal glass. I always like to drink a huge glass of water right before I go to bed, and then refill it and set it by my bedside. Then, I drink that entire glass RIGHT when I wake up. **BEFORE COFFEE** !!! Believe it or not, your BRAIN alone is 75% water! So by refueling it right when you wake up, you’ll be sure to be more awake more quickly and retaining information instead of that usual morning fog.

// treat yourself to a cute water bottle //

In the day and age we are in now where there are so many fun collaborations of brands with water bottle brands, there’s every chance in the world you can find one you love! I have linked a few I love here, here, and hereNothing makes me more motivated to remember to carry it with me than being able to brag about how cute it is! Personalized ones from Etsy also make the cutest gifts for friends!

Hope these small tips help keep you hydrated! How do you remember to drink water? Until next time!


xoxo, Ally

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