New Years new…me?

WOW long time no blog pals.  

after a few texts from friends about how I need to hop back onto posting and my responses of “it’s really hard to blog AND explore New York City at once”, I’ve decided…sure, nothing being hard has ever stopped me before (okay you got me precalc) but I can do that! My sincerest apologies for the lack of spell check or grammar or formatting on this post, the whole thing was in fact typed on my phone in New York 😁

New York is an absolute blast. I’ll have more posts on that once I get back and have time to upload pictures to my laptop and take a bath to get back in my Christmas break mode, because right now I feel like I’m just a city girl going full speed 24/7. The views are amazing, the shopping is amazing, the food is, you guessed it…amazing. Overall I’m head over heels in love with the place and can only hope to come back multiple times in my life! 

News years has always been quite a confusing holiday for me. Starting from being young and celebrating with my family and going to bed at 11 pm because the NYC ball drop is an hour earlier than my hometown time zone, to where I am now and getting to bed before midnight is an accomplishment so this holiday doesn’t seem much different than any other night. 

The phrase “new year new me” has always gotten on my nerves as well. New you? What about the you that existed December 31 @ 11:59 pm? Hate to break it to you people of the world, but he/she is still you come January 1st 12:00 am. You’re you. You are yourself. For as long as you live. But who in the world said that wasn’t the most AMAZING thing? Think about it, you get to be exactly who you are for your whole life and there’s no one who can do a better job at it? Cool? Yeah… HECK yeah.

So this new year, don’t make any silly resolutions or promises to be a new person. Be yourself, improve yourself, embrace YOURSELF. You are the only you that the world has been honored to meet, so take advantage of it. Be the absolute BEST you possible. 

My pal and I love to remind each other to “be unapologetically you” and it’s my favorite phrase to live by now. Be yourself with no regrets, no worries, no fear of judgement. You’re you, and if you do what you’re proud of and what you love, there’s nothing to apologize for.

So happy almost 2016 my friends. The year I graduate high school, the year I start college, maybe the year I’ll finally be brave enough to attend the dentist alone (we tried it once and I was NOT a fan). Make your resolution this year to be yourself, unapologetically. 

Until next time, happy new year, may it be filled with luck and love and lots of smiles, Ally ✨

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