my life lately 12/22/15


It’s almost the end of December… can someone pinch me? because I don’t believe that is real life. this month(year) has absolutely flown by and every single day gets busier and more hectic within my own life. that being said, I still try to take time to myself and find the spare time in my craziness to catch up with pals and to do things that make me happy, which is what the holidays are all about in the first place!


I’ve been majorly snap-happy over break with different shopping trips and coffee dates. My pal Rachel and I bond over long life chats (and soon to be college town chats!!!) and macchiatos and have the time of our lives. She is honestly the greatest when it comes to listening and talking and just all around being a 10/10 friend. We have a signature go-to coffeehouse that is to die for and the atmosphere is half the game. make sure you find those kinds of places, they’re real important when it comes to sanity saving nights and studying by yourself. a place where you can get a quality cup o joe AND feel comfortable breaking out the textbooks all alone is a place everyone needs in their lives.

Christmas shopping is one of my favorite things, and even though I have to restrain myself from buying gifts for myself (still guilty this year), I’ve always loved picking out things for my close friends and family. secret santas are also to die for & my pal laura (who was also my secret santa last year! crazy!) had me again this year and got me the most ally scarf i’ve ever seen. I absolutely adore it and can’t wait to post all about it here soon!

I’m spending tomorrow shooting outfits to be pre-posted while I’m spending the holidays IN NEW YORK CITY with Andie. We bot have heaps of excitement for all the adventures we’re about to have (oh and the shopping, 100% the shopping). I’m more than sure you’ll see plenty more on that coming up on my instagram feed here soon!

Well I hope the break has so far been treating you well, stay warm, stay happy, stay sparkly!

until next time, xoxo, Ally


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