post break slump

pictured below: me walking into school after break


I’m officially two days into the life of a second semester senior and now I completely understand the rush to get to college. My apps are done, college is picked out and ready to go (#RockChalk), my roomie and I are patiently waiting (okay not so patiently) to become every day best friends, and I’m right now the only thing I think I’m dreading about college is not being able to pop a bath bomb in the bathtub and forget everything. Can we please start a petition to make campuses BYOB (bring your own bath???). Christmas break was needed, but as usual, it flew by and the time for real school is once again upon me. Although college is approaching fast, there is still time left for me in high school that I am not wishing to move too quickly. So, it is back to the books and routines, which my slightly type A personality was craving over break. so incase you’re in a bit of a post christmas break depression, here’s how to break the slump:

new supplies// okay this is also coming from the girl who got “excessively obsessed and slightly in love” on the “how much does stationary mean to you” quiz on BuzzFeed…but take my bias and slightly materialistic advice: pretty things make you happy. Obviously the best things in life aren’t things, but I know doing my homework is slightly less depressing in a cute notebook and a really good pen.

seeing friends again// nothing motivates me to go back to school like knowing I get to see my classmates (and even some of my teachers) on a daily basis once again. cherish the people you attend school with, if it’s anything like the community of sisterhood I attend school at, you won’t want to miss a single day.

don’t let the semester slip away// if you’re a senior, or even if you aren’t, make sure you aren’t letting the thoughts of college get to you before you’re even done with high school. study hard. work hard. dream big. laugh in class. raise your hand. be a dream student, and do it for you.

I hope your semester is starting well and isn’t TOO chilly!

until next time, xoxo, Ally


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