Insta Stories Roundup

I FINALLY posted some video content on my Instagram stories for you all after hundreds of requests from ya’ll and tons of (positive) peer pressure from my friends. You can check out the stories…HERE…but I promised I would also link everything I talked about in a post! So here it is!


Target Sweatshirt // literally wear this 24/7 and got it in a XL so I can have it SUPER comfy!!!! Online only has plus sizing still available, but I know I have still seen it in stores!

A&F Puffer Jacket // *50% off right now!!!* I own the navy but am kinda trying to negotiate myself into getting the burgundy too! Haven’t used it down at school yet but cannot wait to have a light jacket to throw on for morning walks to class that isn’t super heavy and a hassle to carry around!

Blender I Got For Christmas! 

J.Crew Pom Pom Hat// Currently UNDER $30! Seriously, the best hat I ever have owned and my family makes fun of me for how often I wear it…maybe even indoors…(hat is featured in picture above)

Madeline and Company Backpack// I have the charcoal and coral slim style…but they’re all to die for! Check out my other post with Madeline and Co HERE for more insight on why you N E E D this backpack!

Thanks for tuning in to my Insta stories if you did!!! As scary as they were, they were also super fun and I cannot wait to put more videos out there soon! DM me with anything you’d like to see! Until next time, xoxo, Ally



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