Madeline and Company on Campus!


It’s no secret I am a sucker for anything that involves cute school supplies. Probably the future teacher in me, but something about pulling out a 10 page paper out of a gold foiled binder makes the 10 page paper just slightly less scary. However I’ve always had a struggle finding the perfect backpack that fit all my needs of being cute but also super efficient for my busy schedule. It either was cute and didn’t have enough storage, or was overly bulky and just DIDN’T go with any outfits and didn’t feel fun to wear (ya look good ya feel good ya study good am I right?!) Madeline and Company to the rescue on this dilemma by being SO stinkin’ cute, but also having a pocket and feature for my every need. Boy oh boy am I SO glad I got around to working with Madeline to show this bag to you as well because I am in full belief that every college gal who wants to look good NEEDS one of these bags.


The backpack comes in so many different styles and classic colors that I had the hardest time deciding which one I wanted to sport on campus this year. ( I won’t lie I literally had to flip a coin between the gray and navy) I finally settled on the slim style with gray with pink and gold accents and am in love. Every part of the bag honestly just keeps getting better. The inside lining is gray pinstripes and the back of the bag has a “be happy” message embroidered in gold. Each bag has a little mantra such as “smile often” , “be happy” , or “dream big” which is probably my favorite part about the bag. I am a big believer in #girlboss phrases and mantras (shocker) and this feature is my favorite to show off to friends. I love getting complimented on my backpack (which happens, often with a bag this cute…have never been able to say that about a backpack before) and telling them to “just wait and check out this!” as I turn the bag around to show them “be happy” embroidered on the back with utter pride of how cool it is and how happy it really does make me! (proof mantras do work!)


The bag has 3 main compartments and then a smaller zipper compartment on top as well as TWO side pockets that zip or unzip to fit water bottles! I figured it would be best to give ya a quick break down of what I use each pocket for:

MAIN ZIPPER: laptop (the bag comes with a velcro laptop sleeve as well!! *hands praising emojis*), notebooks, bigger textbooks, binders, agenda (here’s the one I currently am using and loving)

SECOND ZIPPER: textbooks that aren’t as large such as novels for class, my AP writing guide (#JustEnglishNerdThings), I can usually even fit a light jacket in here for days where the weather is bi-polar (so most days in KS)

FRONT ZIPPER: my glasses, pencil bag, my agenda pens (because yes, I have an entire set of 12 colored pens specifically for my agenda…and you don’t?), & of course my handy dandy clicker (which most likely only college students will understand that this obviously needs to be at easy access)

TOP POCKET: spare pens and pencils, sunglasses, allergy meds (lol.), headphones, snacks!!!! (snacks!!!!) (most backpacks have something like this, to shove the stuff you don’t really need but totally need in your backpack, but I will fully detest that this one has to be my favorite. Unlike other bags, it actually fits more than one pencil!!!!) 


*front zipper*


*second zipper*


*main zipper*




*top pocket*


*water bottle sleeve (unzipped)*

Coolest part about these backpacks! YOU can get 15% off your Madeline and Company order by using the code “XOXOALLISONNICOLE” !!!!! Feel free to email me at if you have any questions (or have a super hard time deciding which design you want because been there done that girl.)


If you can’t already tell, I seriously LOVE this backpack and would recommend it to anyone who is looking to be super cute on campus while still being able to store all of your things efficiently! Don’t forget to use the code “XOXOALLISONNICOLE” if you decide to order and want 15% off your purchase! Head over to asap to grab yours!

Until next time, xoxo, Ally



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