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Hey friends!  If you’ve been reading this blog since way back in ’14, you know a few things about me, but I always think it is fun to give a quick update to new readers! & because who am I kidding? I have for SURE changed since my junior year in high school (thank GOD.) Although some things never change: such as my love for a good hazelnut latte and Harry Potter forever and always being my guilty reading pleasure (anyone else lose count of how many times they’ve read the series or…?) but throw a girl in college 3 hours away from home and she’ll learn a few new things about herself to share with y’all (oh, and she’ll start saying ‘ya’ll’…even thought KS is like, one…state…more…south…) ANYWAYS! It’s Friday-Eve on the 4th week of classes and I need a breather just as much as the next gal. Figured this post would be fun and easy to read and fun for me to whip up as well! Let’s get onto the good stuff:

1.  I can’t function without a daily to-do list. Super typical type-A of me I know, but seriously, I have to write EVERYTHING down. Not even necessarily because I will forget, but because of the satisfaction of writing down things I need to or have accomplished. I think this is mainly stemmed from my small stationary / desk supplies obsession but we’re just gonna roll with it because

2. I’m such an introvert. Sure, I’m comfortable typing out my life happenings on the internet, but I am super shy when it comes to daily interactions. I like to think I am more extroverted around people I am comfortable with, but it definitely still takes that boundary breaking for me to open up to them. I can answer questions in class and think I am hilarious around my friends, but ask me to walk up to a stranger and strike up a conversation…heck to the no.

3. I can’t sleep without socks on. The unpopular opinion, I’m aware. Don’t knock it ’till you’ve tried it and had the best night of sleep of your life.

4. My food taste preferences are never ending, I truly am not picky when it comes to my appetite. However, I think if I had to pick one “food group” to eat for the rest of my life “tailgating food” would hands down win. Chili, burgers, cheese dip, all that good stuff.

5. Literally nobody makes a better grilled PB&J than I do. Don’t believe me? Try it. You’ll be convinced.

6. If I could only wear my hair one way for the rest of my life, a french braid would win hands down. I was cursed blessed with what my family loves calling “Hermione hair” due to my overly thick/wavy hair. The rest of my 3 siblings have stick straight blonde or dirty blonde hair from my mom, and my dad just decided to hand down 100% of his dark and wavy genes to me. I know we always want what we don’t have, so at times I try to embrace the “mane”, but most days braids tame it as much as they can.

7. I have an unhealthy obsession with grey shirts. I have no clue what it is but I impulse buy them whenever they’re in my hand. I counted while packing for college and my current count is 13. I know. Problem. The first step is admitting it I suppose??

8. Navy is my favorite color. It’s honestly just endlessly classic and never fails to look good. I feel like I’m not the kind of girl that can feel overly confident in black, just not my personality, but navy? All day every day.

9. I. Love. Zodiac. Signs. And. Meyers. Briggs. Types. I check my horoscope every day. (I’m a true Cancer through and through.) I also am fascinated with MBT. I’m an INFJ and find everyone’s viewpoints on them so interesting and accurate!

10. I could quote Sex & The City word for word. I’ve also scored a Charlotte on every “which character are you” quiz.


Until next time, xoxo, Ally




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