Links I’m lovin’ 10/8/17


Another week FLYING by in college life for Ally with too much happening in all the best ways. Honestly it’s crazy keeping up with life in college but my busy body self wouldn’t have it any other way. From #NationalTacoDay on Wednesday dinner with my roomie, Brooke, to planning a huge sisterhood event for Sunday (pics to come!), to nights out with my pal Brenna (she’s really wanted to be mentioned on here so there ya go, let’s see how long it takes her to catch that considering she much prefers to just look at the pictures…) I have been running around 24/7 this week! But still managed to round up some links for ya’ll:

{one} THIS. NEW. LILLY. PRINT. Oh my goodness, I can’t get over how they somehow made avocados look so totally trendy, but they so totally did. I ordered the girl’s leggings and am seriously so pumped to have them arrive! I’m really debating getting the little baby shift for my new cousin, Edith. Can’t imagine how darling she’d look.

{two} It’s officially the time of year where we all have to debate our Halloween costumes. I’ve never been a huge fan of the holiday, slightly too spooky for me to be quite honest. However, Frannie’s fashionable costume picks have me almost excited to dress up this year!

{three} J.Crew has 30% off today!!!! If I wasn’t already wayyyyyy over my fashion budget for the month, THIS sweatshirt would 100% be in my cart.

{four} super shameless plug for Madeline&Co (and myself) to buy one of her backpacks at 15% off using the code XOXOALLISONNICOLE !!!

{five} I am in charge of a sisterhood fall movie event for Alpha Chi tonight and I totally forgot how much I LOOOVE event planning. I helped with the senior brunch last spring and was kinda hooked. I am super pumped to see how everything will turn out, I’m sure I’ll flood my Insta story with pics so be on the lookout!

{six} Target’s new clothing lines have me blowing my bank account every time I walk in. But how can I NOT when it features the cutest things ever like THIS DRESS, THESE BOOTS,  , and THIS COAT!

{seven} …have you?

{eight} One of the juniors in Alpha Chi is fostering a puppy for the human society and we got to watch it at the house for a bit on Friday morning. I was in major need of some puppy snuggles and this lil cutie was just the cure. Made me miss my doggo back home for sure though!

{nine} I’ve honestly never NOT been a Miley lover. I do have the entire Hannah Montana movie soundtrack in my car, and so THIS absolutely made my week and may or may not have had me in tears.

{ten} Way back before I even started this blog (we’re approaching THREE years..what..) I read Kate’s “coffee date” posts and they are honestly the reason I started blogging. She just uploaded a new one and it’s safe to say I am still so proud to be a part of the blogging community with people like her spreading good sales but also great messages. Give it a read, you won’t be let down.

That’s all for this week folks! My friends and I leave for Dallas/Waco TX for fall break in less than a week! Taking recommendations on anything and everything for those areas! Leave a comment or shoot me an email at!!! Another busy week ahead for me with a few midterms and packing my bags for Texas! Until next time! xoxo, Ally



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