links I’m lovin 10/20/17


So sorry there hasn’t been much activity on the blog this week. Fall break was filled to the brim with adventure, and I am editing pictures from those adventures as I type in order for a lil Texas recap for all ya’ll (yeah I went to TX for 5 days, “ya’ll” is now in my daily vocab.) Midterms, field work, and a quick last minute decision to go see Hoodie Allen in KC last night filled this short but mighty 3 day week, so not much time was left for doing a whole lotta nothing!  BUT, on the off time I did manage to find (aka walks in between classes was about it) I still have a few things I wanted to share with you! So let’s get to it:

{one} Ingrid has been on the top of my “people I aspire to one day be” list since like circa 2010 and honestly nobody has topped her yet. Her video on advice to her younger self does all my love for her some justice and is 100% worth the watch.

{two} Would it even be a links post if I didn’t include something I totally am convinced I need to survive from J.Crew?

{three} So naturally I’ve convinced myself I NEED another pair of New Balances…kinda obsessed with this pair….thoughts?

{four} My friend and I bought tickets at 7am for a 7pm Hoodie Allen show in KC last night and not to be dramatic but I love that sweet boy SO MUCH! If you haven’t listened to his new album…go for it. Or just play No Interruption on repeat, whatever works for you

{five} Mackenzie is on her THIRD 101 in 1001 list and I’m truly amazed. Reminds me that I probably should get around to updating mine….

{six} shameless promo of mine inserted here

{seven} Kate’s latest & greatest edition this week may have been one of my favorites. monogrammed pj’s AND Blair Waldorf headbands?! sold.

Well that’s all for this week! Expect a Texas update post real soon!
xoxo, Ally




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