Fall Break in TX, recap!

Alrighty, here it is. The long-awaited recap of my fall break in Texas. I have to say, the entire experience was an absolute blast, and being with four of my best friends from college made the entire trip even better. There were so many moments where I felt super “pinch me this HAS to be an episode of Sex and the City.” Which it did too many times when you had 4 best friends wandering a big city, gossiping about love lives and window shopping while munching on the yummiest snacks that were found just about everywhere we looked.

We left for Dallas Friday afternoon after we had all finished our classes for the day. The 7ish hour car ride was not awful at all with 4 different driving shifts and a pretty bomb playlist (made by yours truly, and linked right HERE for all your long road trip jamming needs) the drive went by amazingly quickly and soon enough we were in Dallas! My roommate and best friend Brooke’s older brother kindly let us crash in his apartment every night (minus Saturday when we stayed in a lil AirB&B outside Waco and 10 mins from the Silos) and with the apartment being in the middle of Uptown, we weren’t complaining at all!

Saturday morning was an early rise and a drive to Waco. We were BEYOND pumped to see the Silos during Silobration and they did not disappoint at all. With over 100 vendors and so much yummy food, we were set all day for an adventure. Brooke and I ended up picking up headbands that we are IN LOVE with, and did a little damage at the Magnolia Shop itself. It was like an HGTV version of Disney World. I’ll leave most of my explanation for the pictures below because the excitement explains itself. At the end of the day, we ended up watching a movie and munching on our cupcakes from the Silos Bakery before we fell asleep. (I had the lemon lavender and it was AMAZING.)

Sunday we grabbed a quick brunch in a small place in Waco, where I devoured some much-needed coffee and sweet potato pancakes that were to die for. We made the drive back to Dallas and ended up exploring for the rest of the weekend. From driving around the insanely gorgeous neighborhoods to spending a few paychecks at Zara, to hitting up Trader Joe’s and picnicking, and finally having Brooke’s brother show us the ropes to the TX State Fair, we had the most amazing weekend. I wouldn’t have had my fall break go any other way, even if Saturday was 98 degrees at the Silos…

A few foodie spots we hit up that I 10/10 recommend if you’re ever in Dallas:

  • Steel City Pops: **Thanks to Hannah, a fellow Jayhawk, for the rec!** I got the avocado popsicle and my life has been changed for the better. I was a little hesitant but knew I HAD to try. It is mixed with lime and is utterly brilliant.
  • HG Supply Co: if you are on the hunt for a stellar drink, quinoa burger, and rooftop, this is your spot.
  • Joy Macarons: get the cookie dough. just do it.


*Prepare for an overload of pictures, but what else would you expect from a blogger in a big city where her only duties were to look cute and look at cuter things?*


The line to get into this store was hours long at one point. Brooke and I waited it out and managed to get in only about a 10 minute line!!!!! So worth the wait once we got inside. We even saw Joanna’s mom!!!



Everything was just TOO photogenic. The bakery had to probably be my favorite thing we saw all day, probably due to the fact that the episode of Fixer Upper where it’s created is hands down my favorite. (right next to the Christmas guest home episode…okay…they’re tied.)


This lobster roll. No words.



This snap of Madisen and I was taken around 1pm. We were sweaty, we were hot, we were tired, we were SO sweaty. But SO happy.


*yet another pic outside the bakery*


One of the *literal* hundred of vendors. Brooke and I probably could’ve spent hours at each one. We actually got to chat with the owner of this one and crossed that off the official Silobration bucket list!


getting to see the May Designs booth was a blogging dream come true! It was like their Insta (that I have stalked all too many times) had come to life and it was AMAZING.


Did I mention they gave me flash tats and agenda stickers? Yeah, obsessed with them.




This booth was full of customizable sprinkles. Their business card was a bag of sprinkles. Coming from someone who had an emergency container of sprinkles in her locker in high school, I was in love.


Painting pumpkins with Joanna’s new paint line!! These cute lil pumpkins now line Brooke & I’s window in Alpha Chi and are just too cute.


The smells of this place were incredible. *also notice how as the day went on, the hair went up and the glasses went on…texas heat and I are NOT friends*


*patiently waiting to submit our sweet treat orders* B & I waited in this line for 45 minutes…and that was quick compared to other times of the day


Teddy Bear Park!


Happy gal with her avocado popsicle. Steel City you now have my whole heart.


Had to snap this picture of this sweet little restaurant because my aunt’s name is Nora and I love her so very much. Seeing it immediately made me think of her family and their sweet three little kiddos that I could cuddle 24/7 if given the chance.


B giggling at who knows what while at dinner @ HGSupplyCo Sunday night. The view was seriously, gorgeous.


Probably my favorite meal all trip. Brooke’s brother took us to his favorite coffee shop and naturally, the in sync roommates that we are, we both ordered lavender lattes and avocado toast. When I saw cilantro topped the avo toast, I knew I couldn’t pass it up. Weird fact: I literally could eat cilantro plain, it’s probably my favorite food. Anyways, the toast is to die for and was well worth twinning with B.


I’ve always seen Sugarfina things ALL over the blog world and socials but have always died to step foot into a store. Well, I got to, and was in love. How CUTE are these customizable ones?!


I’d be lying if I said B and I didn’t highly debate buying everything in the store…


Rose and champage flavored gummy bears? 2 of each please!


Had to throw in this snap of B in the Gigi Pip booth. We both stalk (and are obsessed) with their Insta and seeing them (and their gorgeous hats) in real life was a really big moment for both of us. (also how stinkin’ cute is my roomie?!)


Told you we had a picnic! Smoked salmon, goat cheese, crackers, sushi, olive oil popcorn, pico, pumpkin cookies, and more. The best.



Last but not least, a fun snap Brooke might kill me for of her eating some fried guacamole at the fair. Obviously had to be documented.

Hope you enjoyed seeing my fall break adventures! If you have any Dallas/ Waco questions feel free to comment or shoot me an email! I’d love to chat! Until next time, xoxo, Ally




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