101 in 1001

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 9.55.56 PM.png

begins: {2.25.16}

ends: {11.22.18}

1. complete all 101 things on this list

2. donate my hair for the 4th time

3. create blog business cards and pass them out

4. go through rush (ask me about Alpha Chi Omega)

5. get a yoga membership

6. keep a journal for an entire month

7. watch Andie play college volleyball/attend a game

8. graduate high school (May 22, 2016)

9. go on a road trip with one of my pals (Kansas City with Andie 2016)

10. host a tea party (18th Birthday Tea!)

11. go to Colorado (i’ve never been)

12. attend NY fashion week

13. camp outside with my sisters and little brother

14. buy someone’s drink behind me @ Starbucks

15. send snail mail back home from college

16. brunch with my grandparents (May 2016)

17. have a pajama set for every day of the week

18. volunteer for an event I am super passionate about

19. get first row lottery at a KU basketball game with all my friends (happened to surprise my family back home the game axo got front row! only sobbed for an hour!)

20. get a blog internship

21. go to sleep at 10:30 pm or earlier every day for a straight week

22. make my own homemade face masks and blog about it

23. successfully plan and create the best decorations for my grad party (May 28, 2016)

24. try 3 new coffee shops

25. find my ideal brunch location in Lawrence

26. try soul cycle

27. invest in big girl luggage

28. become a campus rep for a brand I love (Devon Maryn)

29. attend one game for every main sport in college (football) (basketball)

30. clean out my closet/define my style

31. reach 1000 Instagram followers

32. paint something for my dorm room

33. get professional blog shots done for my blog

24. purchase a domain name

25. rebrand my blog to fit my personal style (bye bye gold dots hello navy and pink!)

26. take a quick weekend trip to KC with Andie in college #letsmeetinKC

27. convert my Lilly agenda to my iPhone calendar

28. see Taylor Swift in concert (again)

29. buy a skirt from lululemon, and actually wear it (March 2016)

30. learn how to use photoshop, well.

31. purchase another Kate Spade bag

32.  host a dinner party

33. attend a barre class

34. go to the farmer’s market at least 5 times a summer

35. keep my nails painted for an entire month (tough for a nail biter like myself)

36. play a intramural sport in college

37. learn to make a signature meal that people ask for the recipe for (cheerio treats!)

38. reread the Harry Potter series

39. take my dad to a KU basketball game while in college

40. attempt and blog about 5 Pinterest recipes

41. make the perfect latte on my own

42. become at regular at the campus coffee shop (I want my order known)

43. meet one of my blog buddies in person (Hannah!)

44. attend a music festival

45. take an outdoor yoga class

46. attend a blog related conference

47. drink the recommended amount of water every day for a month

48. get up on one ski at the lake

49. go without meat for a week

50. guest post on someone else’s blog (see here!)

51. visit a national park

52. go to the zoo more than once this summer

53. play 18 holes in under 100 strokes

54. skip a day of school just because

55. frame five of my favorite photos

56. go apple picking and bake something with them

57. leave a 100% tip

58. throw a breakfast for dinner party

59. complete my watching of Glee

60. bring flowers to a friend just because

61. gain 3 new pen pals

62. vote!

63. surprise my friends coming home from college/visiting them at theirs

64. create a high school scrapbook

65. go to Cape Cod (never been)

66. go to Disney World for the third time

67. take my best friend cousin out to dinner

68. have my grandma teach me to make her cheesecake

69. take my grandpa to a Yankees game

70. take a cooking class

71. get a KU basketball jersey, or more than one…(does stealing my dad’s count???)

72. Surprise my family at home for a weekend

73. Get (and spoil) a little!