101 in 1001

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Goals are crazy important to me. She believed she could so she did seems to be my mindset within the past year, and I am not complaining. Setting goals internally for myself has become such an improvement from my daily night to-do lists. There’s not guilt when you wake up the next morning with a halfway accomplished to-do list, and having it in your mind means it is always able to edit.

I’ve been reading “101 in 1001” lists for quite some time on other fab blogger’s blogs even before I started a blog of my own. I think they’re so super neato and it is so crazy cool to see an individual’s goals and watching them fulfill them. If you have never heard of one, it is basically a bucket list for yourself, but you’re only given 1001 days, or 2.75 years. I started mine on February 25 and it will end November 22, 2018. So, after months of working on it, I’m finally ready to publish my own. It isn’t fully complete, because 101 goals is a heck of a lot, but I will add to it as they come to me! I created a new tab on my blog that you can click on to view the whole list, that is linked HERE. Feel free to comment what would be on YOUR 101 in 1001 list, or if you share some goals with me!! I hope you enjoy and can watch me mark off these dreams over these next 1001 days, because nothing is more satisfying than a good to-do list. The tasks range from huge dreams of mine to simple things I know are going to happen one day. (It’s like the same sense of satisfaction of when i put “shower” on my nightly to-do list.) This one is just glorified, intensified, over-hyped, and extra glittery, like everything in life should be.

until next time, xoxo, Ally


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