sophomore second-semester life lately!

6459373301a5bba0202a5ad795d4e4ceHey friends! Boy has life been absolutely CRAZY around here. I’ve been back at school for about two weeks now and it has been go go go ever since I stepped foot in Lawrence. My roommate and I actually moved rooms this semester and the change of scenery, although not major, was sooo nice; as well as a good (and much needed) excuse to do some DEEP cleaning! It’s wild how much can pile up in the midst of one semester!

Anyways, semester four (WHAT?!) of college is well underway and I am loving every second of it. It is by far the busiest I’ve been out of any semester so far here at KU. It’s reminding me so much of being back in high school and fulfilling a bunch of leadership positions that kept me on my feet 24/7. I am the new Director of Public Relations for our Panhellenic Executive Board, a social chair for AlphaChi, a director for KU’s huge charity show called Rock Chalk Revue, oh and I also am taking my education classes as well. Yeah, busy to say the LEAST, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The weather here has been off and on lately, but I am SO over winter. Just realized while typing that I have resorted to talking about the W E A T H E R on my blog, if that tells you how anywhere and everywhere my mind is currently. On that same note though, last Saturday it randomly hit about 65 degrees with sunny skies, on a gameday nonetheless!!! My pal Grace and I decided to head out for gameday and it inspired a whole outfit post coming soon on denim looks that I have been diggin’ seeing on blogs and all over Pinterest lately. Denim will forever be a trend I am ALWAYS willing to get behind.

My roomie Brooke has also been having the most hectic semester as well, and this sounds silly I’m sure…but chips and salsa I think may be the one thing getting us through on a day to day basis. We somehow managed to finish off an entire jar of peach salsa in like…3 sittings…impressive? I’d say. We’re also super open to trying new options (both major foodies) so feel free to comment with your fav brand/flavor/type…we’ll eat it all.

Honestly, this semester has been the kind of busy where I can’t even think of decently exciting things to recap for you all, but I feel like sometimes that’s how life goes. I have been super caught up in the big picture plan of this semester, that the minute to minute moments tend to be flying by. Except they never seem to fly by in math class…funny how that works for my linguistically inclined self. But realizing this when I get 5 seconds to breathe every now and then has definitely forced me to focus on those good moments when they come around: laughing with my cast of (CRAZY TALENTED) girls during rock chalk revue practice as they deal with my delusional choreography, silly bunk talks with B before we fall asleep, quick mid-day power naps, falling in love with teaching courses, trips to the city with my all-time favorite human bean, and plenty of pictures of my pup I have stored on my camera roll from being home.

That’s about all I’ve got for ya, but I wanted to catch up quickly for mainly my own sanity! Sometimes I get super caught up in making this blog perfectly witty and my Insta perfeclty aesthetically pleasing before I remember why I started all of this in the first place: to have a little slice of the web to share how much I love to love love and all the good it brings. So as always, dream big work hard be kind have fun! (exactly T W O weeks until Valentine’s Day but I’m not counting…)

Until next time, xoxo, Ally




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