humpday pop-in


Hey friends! Just me here sayin’ hey!

This picture may not be the most bloggy thing in the entire world but it sure as heck is how I feel about now. A whole lot of excited about life and a little bit of the best kind of nervous about it as well. OH! And coffee constantly in hand, duh. There’s no real rhyme or reason about this post besides I’m in the mood to pop on over to this website and give a few words over here!

The past few weeks have been crazy busy fun for me but also just emphasis on the “crazy busy.” It seems like that’s more of a way of life for me than a phase of a few weeks here and there, but honestly I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve been really into journaling lately every single night and also just whenever I need to get something out of my head. It sounds silly but I truly cannot leave my room without a notebook in hand or with me. Written words will forever and always be my safe space and way to stay sane, and they’ve been beyond comforting to me recently. In terms of good things, bad things, exciting things, scary things, what I want to eat, and what I need to get at the store. Every single dang thing in my life get’s written down and it feels AMAZING.

I guess this post is my way of getting to share my word writing advice with you all as well. If you sometimes feel like your brain is gonna explode and you don’t even know why, write it out. If you’re stressed but can’t put words to why, just start writing what you want to do today and I bet it’ll turn into a little thought process of what’s really in your head. Write without being afraid of what you may put on paper. Write knowing it’s YOUR brain and nobody else gets to see it if ya don’t want em to! Write because sometimes you can’t sort your brain until it’s on paper and you can read it on the page and say, oh, so THAT’S why I feel this way.

Validating yourself is OKAY. Needing to understand your own thoughts is GOOD. Being so full of emotions in your head that they need to go on paper is HEALTHY! Guess what?! That actually is a crazy cool reminder that you’re THINKING and your noggin is producing thoughts! You’re alive! You’re working! 

I think our society has being stressed at such a norm or almost an expectation these days that having a brain full of thoughts and emotions is automatically assumed as a bad thing. It’s automatically assumed that overwhelming thoughts mean scary situations and that’s not the case. You are allowed to have those moments, and ya know what, embrace them. Embark on your thoughts with your noggin! Love that lil guy and everything he produces!

Again, not a real point to this post besides my thoughts. I hope this helps your noggins as well. Have the best rest of your week. Write on dudes.

xoxo, Ally


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