fall flannels with @TargetStyle

There’s nothing I love more than dresses as a staple piece for literally all seasons. You don’t have to match them with anything, you throw one on and have a complete outfit, and oh, you don’t have to wear pants (the best part.)  This fall flannel dress from Target’s new line is no exception to my love for them. I am a natural sucker for navy and this color scheme is absolutely perfect for fall. I paired it with my riding boots but it would look perfect with some Jack Rodgers too for slightly warmer days.


The bow detailing in the front is my favorite part by far. It makes the flannel aspect just slightly more girly and I couldn’t be more in love with it!


There are a few other flannel patterns to choose from as well that I have linked HERE!

Do you have a favorite staple fall dress? Send me the link to yours in the comments!


Just for kicks I thought I’d throw in this “flannel” outfit picture from the early blogging years for your entertainment….

Until next time, xoxo, Ally


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