rugby stripes + denim


If stripes aren’t your thing probably stop scrolling right about now…


What can I say? I will forever and always be a sucker for stripes, and if they’re pink and navy (aka my literal personal brand color at this point) don’t even get me started! I had been eyeing rugby shirts forever (still on the hunt for a KU one if anyone has any links PLEASE send them to my inbox asap !!!) and the moment I saw this J.Crew one was on sale over spring break last spring, I absolutely had to snag it.
It is seriously such a fun piece to wear, it’s so comfy and requires basically no effort while still looking fun and stylish. Not to mention rugby shirts are totally making a comeback (which I am totally stoked about!)

Add in my favorite denim skirt from a boutique in KC and my classic gold jacks and you’re good to go. I’ve also worn it with white denim or denim light-wash shorts and have loved all three options so far! Potentially eying the rugby DRESSES I’ve started to see all over as well. What are your thoughts on the new trend?

shirt (similar) // skirt (similar) // jacks 

Until next time, xoxo, Ally


3 thoughts on “rugby stripes + denim

  1. Hannah Bettis says:

    I think my rugby shirt interest stems from my polo dress addiction – I kind of wish I had uniforms in high school b/c I LOVE the collared look!! also super into blazers for going out right now but can’t find the ~perfect~ one yet 😦

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    • allisonknicole says:

      Lol I have ZERO doubt that my collar addiction comes from my plaid high school uniform and royal blue polo! & check H&M for those blazers, found quite a few when I was in the city that were on trend for going out! 🙂



  2. priya says:

    I love rugby shirts. I have raided my dad’s closet snd stolen all his old ones, and they’re the comfiest things ever!! They look so good with jeans and sneakers too! x


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