2018 fall must-do’s

The minute September hits we approach my all time favorite season and I am chugging Pumpkin Spice Lattes and burning apple candles like it’s my full-time gig. Amongst some of my favorite flavors and foods coming out at this time of the year, there are so many things that happen during the fall time that I am such a fan of! I thought I’d list a few for you all as a little bucket list of sorts to help you stay all kinds of festive.

fall must do's.png

Stock up on new cold weather pjs: as if I needed an excuse…these are my current pair I am eyeing!

Make pumpkin seeds: okay so, back me up here: PUMPKIN SEEDS ARE GOOD. All my friends make fun of me for having them as a go-to fall snack year round but they are sooo yummy to me! I wish I was at home solely so I could help bake them with olive oil and sea salt like we did when I was younger. Seriously, amazing.

Tailgates: I’ll take any excuse to dress up cute for my ‘hawks but give me tailgating food as well? Ha, yeah, I’m down. Although I am slightly over the insane heat (90 degrees and direct sunlight for last Saturday’s game was NOT fun) and am pumped for when game day attire means pulling out crimson and blue sweaters.

Thanksgiving notes: I am a huge supporter of snail mail and thought it would be so fun to send letters to some of my best pals from other schools and family back home, just reminding them that I am thankful for them! I found this template and think it is so adorable!

Hike: I love to go on walks/ runs/hikes in terms of exercise OUTSIDE. Truly one of my favorite alone time activities and in the fall everything is just ten times prettier! Prepare for some photo-ops on this adventure for sure!

Apple picking: This used to be my all-time favorite event every fall with my extended family when I was little and I am really hoping to find an excuse to go again this year. Apple cider is my favorite drink of all time and I don’t exactly hate apple donuts either 😉

Make PSLs: Okay, as a blogger, forgive me, but I have started to not LOVE Starbuck’s PSLs. As I’ve gotten older and more and more accustomed to black coffee, the sugar and syrup have become less and less appealing. I love, however, getting just a casual pump of pumpkin in my drinks! My mom also sent down pumpkin spice k-cups this weekend and those are AMAZING! Not to mention they make Brooke and I’s room smell all kinds of fall.

Fall Fashion: post coming on this soon, but the weather and season change is totally an excuse to buy new shoes…right?

Until next time, xoxo, Ally


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