xo summer playlist

I wish there was a “Manic Monday” song for Friday’s, because I need that right about now, ha. I’ve had a nasty mix of allergies and a cough that has been keeping up at night and my bed was THE most comfortable thing this morning. Nevertheless, I am at work and emailing away! I’ve been meaning to get this post up for awhile, apologies for my
“summer” playlist going up halfway through summer (over halfway for myself but I’m pretending not to think about that haha!) I’ve compiled a few songs I have been loving & my sisters and I have been driving to! Something about summer makes me that annoying girl that likes country music & yes I never say that out loud but…oh well, oops.

Vegas-Themed Playlist Blog Graphic (1)

Enjoy!! I’ll be enjoying (???) the 101 degree temps today in Omaha…ugh! love to hate the heat! haha until next time pals, xoxo, Ally


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