Mid-Summer Catchup

Hey Friends! Back again after what has seemed like a never-ending week. I have been working all four (yes, I’m aware I’m slightly psychotic in terms of being busy) jobs non-stop this week and when I find time to breathe I’ve been busy cleaning my room before I leave for vacation or trying to run when I can. I may be the weirdest for this, but running outside in the extreme heat is like crazy therapeutic for me. From the few friends I’ve shared this with, I’m for sure crazy, but it feels so much more beneficial and well, sweaty than just a regular run around the block! ANYWAYS, I thought I’d share a few things I’ve been up to lately!


Farmer’s market runs with my bean Brenna! & flowers in general! I’m convinced it’s from growing up a dancer and being pretty used to the frequent post-recital flowers, but I am the BIGGEST flower lover and will buy them over my daily coffee any day. Having fresh ones in my room is so nice and I think my roomie Brooke and I are going to try to make having them in our room constantly a goal this year!

Speaking of farmer’s market finds, macrons! This was a dark chocolate one that I think I fell in love with. I’m a frequent fan of Trader Joe’s macrons as well, but am always open to new suggestions. DYING to learn to make them one day, as tricky as it sounds!


My friends from school and I hit the lake the week of the 4th and spent a night watching storms and giggling over the Instagram explore page. Speaking of the 4th, my cousins and I had our annual get together and my bestie cousin Sammy and I were water balloon toss parters per usual. Don’t think we’ve ever actually won, but ask us who wins and we will always claim we’re the reigning champs 😉 Sammy is coming to NYC with me too and I’m beyond stoked!


Next week is my last week at my summer internship 😦 We had a cute little breakfast farewell for me today and it was the sweetest! Definitely going to miss all my “work friends” and all the picture taking and spreadsheet typing I spend my time doing!

That’s all for now! Have a great rest of your Friday!

Until next time, xoxo, Ally


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