Friday Finds 6/22/18

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{one} TGIF!!! This week has been crazy busy (but when are they not?!) and I am FAR more than ready for a relaxing pre-birthday weekend! My birthday is Monday the 25th and I am stoked to use it as an excuse to eat ice cream for every meal (as if I haven’t done this already on a regular day, lol.)

{two} I wish it was summer year-round solely so I could wear delicate white tops/dresses whenever I would like. This one is no exception! For under $40 I may or may not be adding this to my wishlist…or cart…same thing right?

{three} It’s been cloudy and rainy here all week which, naturally, makes me think I  *N E E D* these. Another pair of rainboots? Duh. One’s with dogs under umbrellas? Uh, heck yeah.

{four} If there is one thing I am dead seriously the WORST at walking away from, it’s statement earrings. Target is my worst enemy, along with the Nordstrom website. Kate did a post with 32 of her favorites and I am using every ounce of self-control I have not to buy them all. Especially this beaded pair and these gorgeous cream ones!

{five} So I am DYING to hit up the DryBar while I am in NYC in late July. & by dying I mean i NEED to or I may throw a times square tantrum. This video didn’t help how badly I need to go!!!

{six} You betcha I was that middle schooler that was in LOVE with Abercrombie back in the day, and lowkey have never gotten over that phase. Their EVERYTHING is so soft and such good quality and their styles have been impressing me like crazy lately! Their dresses specifically. Here are a few I love: tie-shoulder , embroidered smock , and this darling satin slip dress! Those white and blue flowers!!!!

{seven} I know that social media is highly excessive and energy draining with how much work is invoved in a good post lately…but if you’re like me and neverfailing to give into the hype. This Everygirl article on Insta Stories is SUCH a best kept secret.

{eight} Did you see my post earlier this week on staying un-stressed?! I’ve gotten an awesome response rate and am SO glad I am not the only one feeling this way in the summer!!!

{nine} Once again, I REALLY want to get into vlogging and get some video content up on the blog…but my days seem, well, boring. I’m either in my cubicle or babysitting kiddos all day. The kids are hilarious all on their own and I’m sure would be very entertaining…but aren’t really up to vlogging, or staying still for more than 5 seconds for that matter, ha! However, I have been doing lots of intern updates on my insta, so make sure to follow over at @xoxoallisonnicole ! Debating on doing a little birthday weekend video though! Stay updated for content on that! Would you guys like to see college videos?! Leave a comment and let me know!!!

{ten} MOOD!

Until next time, xoxo, Ally


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