Mom’s weekend recap!

Disclaimer: College is ten times more fun when your mom is there.


Seriously. College is great, the independence is great, the freedom is great, the friends are great, the food…well. But all of that PLUS your mom…THE BEST. Alpha Chi had Mom’s weekend this past weekend and it was the most amazing weekend ever. Having three younger siblings, it’s not often that I get an entire weekend to just my mom and myself, so this was a really nice time to just hang and do what we do best: eat and shop.


If you didn’t know this about me already: I could eat Mexican food for every meal for the rest of my life and be very very content. I have had it twice a day for the past 4 days and have absolutely zero regrets about it. Give this girl a taco and some guac and I will be yours forever. (Throw in some queso, a tamale, and a mock marg and I’m really sold!) So naturally my mom and I hit up all the good Mexican stops Lawrence has to offer.

Alpha Chi had the yummiest brunch and silent auction at a really pretty hall to kick off the weekend on Saturday. Live music and parfaits never do any wrong in my mind! My friend Brooke, her mom, myself, and my mom headed out to KC for the afternoon to do some shopping after brunch. J.Crew was 50% off the entire store, plus Brooke & I’s 15% off student discount…so you can guess the end of that story.

After shopping, mama and I crashed at the hotel for a bit before heading back out into Lawrence for some late night corn salsa + fajitas and of course a little bit of coffee and a little bit more shopping 😉

SOO many hugs to my mama for making her way down to KU this weekend to share some fun girl time with me! Give your mom a huge hug when ya see her next. Mean it.

Until next time, xoxo, Ally



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