links I’m lovin’ 4/7/17


{1} Big time apologies for the lack of posts in the past week and a half. Life happens. Oops.

{2} I also was pretty darn preoccupied finishing “13 Reasons Why” within the first 48 hours it was released on Netflix. Already on the edge of my seat for season two. Beyond thrilled Selena Gomez + other producers took the time and effort to make the series as real and raw as possible on a topic that is beyond tough to make a series about. If you’ve already watched like I have, make sure to take a peek at the “Behind the Reasons” feature on Netflix that goes behind the scenes with the actors. They’re all so darn amazing.

{3} This post by Carly was like a direct message to how overwhelmed I was this week.

{4} New cold brew from Starbuck’s just in time for spring?? Sign me the heck up!

{5} So I am naturally still obsessed with the “Beauty and The Beast” soundtrack, and this Josh Groban song has been on utter repeat for me all week. so. dang. good.

{6} Another links post another Anthro item…

{7} How stinking cute are these carrot patch cupcakes!!! For sure want to whip some up for Easter when I am home!

{8} Another recipe…

{9} Just a little weekly reminder 

{10} My mom is coming down tomorrow!!!!! Mom’s weekend for AlphaChi and I’m so stoked to get to eat ALL the food with her, AND the SUN is FINALLY out!!!!!!

Until next time, xoxo,



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