links I’m lovin 3/3/17


March!!!!! This week literally flew by for me. Finally a week that has done that instead of drag on every single day! I was sitting in my room yesterday and actually had an epiphany that it was Thursday and tomorrow was Friday! I was so convinced that when my friend asked if my family was coming in tomorrow I said, “no they’re coming Friday.” Luckily she just smiled and went with it before I caught on later. Lol, with that delusion…here’s my links!

1// First thing’s first: it’s BOGO Macchiatos at Starbucks from 2-5pm through the 6th! You heard that right, a free macchiato…so run to your nearest Starbs and try the new coconut milk one ASAP because it is to DIE for!

2// I have a new blog that I have been loving to read! Dorothy from PrepInYourStep is a senior elementary education student who is currently in the process of student teaching so I have LOVED reading her blog posts. It is absolutely crazy to think that will be me in 3 years!!!!!!!! I remember having student teachers back in grade school and thinking they were SO old and mature…lol I hope myself three years from now can live up to that image!

3// Here is one of my favorites of Dorothy’s posts! Athletic wear to inspire activity!  The poncho and palm leaf leggings are my personal favs *heart eye emoji here*

4// If you have a dream career that you are nervous about pursuing. Watch this. Now. I am nerdily really into Ted Talks and so when my “career and life planning” (yes that’s a course I am taking…talk about getting my life together…) professor made us watch this on Thursday, I was obsessed! It is SO good.

5// So if you haven’t heard about the Brit+Co/Target partnership you have been under a rock. But seriously, I am so excited.

6// UH and incase they weren’t already the best brand ever in your mind…they have a pet version of their site too…yeah…2 paws up.

7// i LOVE Annie’s brand of just about anything (fruit snacks, cheddar bunnies, and the OG best macncheese EVER!) so this recipe for a Bunny Easter Cake featuring their Bunny grahams is on the top of my baking list this spring!

8// Speaking of Easter treats…this Pottery Barn inspired bunny garland is seriously the cutest thing. Pottery Barn always has the most darling holiday decor in their stores and this copycat is too easy and too cute. Our neighbors have an Easter brunch that I am hoping to make it home for this year solely for the Easter donuts and dang cute decor.

9// Speaking of Pottery Barn killing it as usual, I don’t know why I would need this sleeping bag, but trust me, when you see it, you’ll want it too..

10// My family is coming in town today before they leave for Orlando for their spring break…without me…haha. Wish me luck on having fun in Lawrence while they’re on the beach and let’s pray for beach weather in the midwest?? *fingers crossed*

until next time! Happy FriYAY!

xoxo, Ally




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