spring updates


Happy March!!!

This is one of my favorite months of the year for no particular reason quite honestly besides the usual beginning of spring weather! February was unusually warm at certain points of the month (usually on weekends, usually on game days, NOT complaining!) My parents came down for a Wednesday night basketball game v. TCU (and got to stay for the 13th straight Big12 Champion ceremony…rock chalk!) and we went out to my fav little pizza/salad place downtown and sat outside for some drinks and it was EIGHTY DEGREES!!! I had a long-sleeved athletic shirt on and was DRIPPING sweat but luckily I had shorts on or I would’ve really passed out! Having my family comes visit me, even for just a quick afternoon dinner and basketball game, is so nice to catch up quick and have that little visiting time without driving the full 3 hours back home! (Although I for sure miss a few friends and my doggo 3 hours back home! spring break can’t come sooner!)

The first two months of 2017 were beyond a roller coaster for myself. Sure there were some great moments, but there were some also pretty darn ugly ones as well. March is here and I am hoping and praying that I will finally catch a break this month and have the madness slow down even just slightly. Spring has always been a time period for myself when I start to feel really motivated. Whether that be academically, health wise, or even in my faith life, March hits and I feel like the winter months are finally ending and I have some time to rediscover my goals and plans for myself. Maybe it’s just the fact I can’t stand winter, but I always feel trapped and like not much can change when it is freezing cold outside. (Don’t listen to me, you can totally make things happen in the winter, I am probably just really angsty that it is semi-cold outside today…)

Anyways, I am ready for spring break! I am just headed home to spend the week with my family but spring break always tends to be some of my happiest memories so I am pretty excited for some chill homebody time. A quick trip to Lush, the outlet malls with my mama, and some good spring salads at home & I will be ready to take on the rest of the semester! I still have about two weeks until I am headed home, but am itching to get on the road. My family is coming down this weekend (before they head to Orlando…without me…) and my little 13 year old sister and I already have plans to get our nails done and getting some yummy food downtown with them is going to be so nice.

This spring, I really want to try to find out what exactly gives me that good mood. I want to be able to find the habits I am creating during the spring season and learn to adapt them all year long. I mean, boy do I wish I could live in San Diego and have spring weather 24 actual 7, but that’s not super realistic. Maybe it be going on more runs outside when it is nice out, keeping my diet fresh, or overall just trying to stay positive! There can definitely be points in life, or seasons if you will (this is me @ing you, winter) where we can find ourselves in ruts. Maybe it be we don’t quite know what we want from ourselves, we can’t seem to find a daily routine that fully makes us happy, or we are simply in a bad mood! These are super normal and trust me, I have been there. The most important thing is to know that it is just a season. Seasons change and so can you and your outlook on anything.  It is so totally normal to have periods of rest. Nothing in life grows all year round, so don’t expect yourself to either. However, you can’t call it quits the moment things go bad and think your entire life will bet this way! Find a reason to make sure your seasons change so you aren’t constantly stuck in a winter mindset. Sometimes it takes a little forcing of yourself to get in a good mood, but you won’t regret it once you are!

Well there was no real point to this post besides kinda updating you on my life a bit and wondering if any of you feel the same in terms of spring motivation? Let me tell ya, the minute the weather hits iced coffee and outdoor run season, I am at my peak. I can’t wait to get back into the zone and out of this winter funk! Grab an iced coffee and let’s take on the world!

Until next time, stay warm, xoxo,



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