FACTS I’m lovin 2/17/17


It’s finally been a little while since I have done a post dedicated to some facts about myself. I figure since you’re reading all about my life and a lot of the time some inspiration or tips for you, it is only right you know a little bit about who is talking! You can read all the facts in my “All About Me” section, but I figured this could be a little more casual and fun! After yesterday’s semi “bleh” update post I thought links could be subbed out for your daily dose of fun facts so here are a few and a half of em!

I DON’T have a sweet tooth. Never have and who knows if my taste buds will one day change but I probably never will. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE ice cream and won’t ever turn down a Reese’s but I would much prefer pretzels to chocolate or chips to a brownie. Yes family, this is my formal admittance that I am in fact the one who eats all the cheese popcorn and leaves a bag of uneven proportions of caramel kernels for everyone else.

Speaking of popcorn…it’s my favorite food, like, ever. Not kidding I could eat freshly air-popped popcorn with a drizzle of oil and sea salt for the rest of my life and be content. simple. not awful for you. perfect to pair with movie nights. what more could you ask for from a food?!?! Also yeah, ironic and funny my favorite food is popcorn and I am from Nebraska home of the cornhuskers. Actually this is the first time I am putting this together and it is kinda wild.

I am weirdly good at keeping flowers alive which works in my favor because I absolutely adore them. (peonies and hydrangeas are my personal favorites but I don’t discriminate) Maybe it is my years of receiving them from dance recitals or maybe I have an odd case of a green thumb but I seriously know all the tips and tricks to keeping them around for as long as possible! Let me know if any of you would like to see a post dedicated to that!

I am honestly awful at art. Trust me, every bone in my body wants to be able to draw and paint and sculpt things well, but quite frankly I’m pretty bad. Which stinks because I am definitely creative and have an eye for design, but my drawing skills go as far as about doodles in my notebook during geography class…

However….I am freakishly good at Pictionary. There is no explaining this one besides the fact I honestly am convinced it is like a 6th sense thing where I can read people’s minds during this game and this game only. I seriously can guess what they’re drawing .5 seconds in and one dot on the paper (okay kinda exaggerating but I did do that one time and was a little spooked of my own talent.) I don’t know. It’s a gift.

When I job shadowed my old dance teacher (love her!!!!!) who now teaches kindergarten, a little boy tied his shoes together during story time and I had just clipped my nails and the knot was very tight and I honestly doubted my teaching ability at that moment when he was staring at me terrified that his shoes would forever be tied together. Less of a fun fact and more of a funny story and just another reason kindergarteners will forever crack me up.

I have the WORST gag reflex. Dentists hate me. I just learned how to swallow a pill less than a year ago. It’s awful. Very probably my biggest weakness and mortal flaw. End of story.

I drink water like it is my JOB!!! Which, isn’t a bad thing, stay hydrated friend. But seriously, I can’t leave for anywhere without my water bottle and must drink at least 8 cups a day or I cannot function or do absolutely anything to my full ability. Seriouly, I will go through abundances of bottled waters while they’re cold in my dorm fridge while studying. I always ALWAYS make sure to drink a huge sip right before bed and right when I wake up! It is SOOOOOO good for you people! Get yourself hooked on h20 too!!

I have never ever been to the mountains! Bucket list for sure but my family has just never been! We are lake people every summer but I for sure want to try to learn to ski here soon!

I did (and was in love with) speech in high school! If your town has a big speech and debate program or you are involved yourself, you’ll know what I am talking about and how easy it can be to fall in love with it! I did it all four years (oratory was my specialty for those of you who compete but I also dabbled in duo and one OID of Mean Girls that was seriously the most fun thing ever to perform) and I will forever and always deem it my most rewarding experience of high school. Seriously get involved in the activity in any way you can if you’re ever able to! Also if you ever need to know anything on the American Dream, Helicopter Parenting, The Misuse of the Word Hate, or the Gold Star Shaming Society…I’m your gal and can give ya a not rehearsed in a while 8-10 min speech on any.

There’s a few tidbits about my life! Feel free to hit up xoxoallisonnicole@gmail.com if you have any other fun facts you wanna know or if you just wanna chat!

Until next time, xoxo, Ally



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