worried about worrying: my guide to staying calm


We’ve all been there. Whether it be a test you feel like no matter how much you study you still aren’t ready for, a risky text you sent waiting for a reply, or simply just waiting for news from a family member or friend…we’ve all had those stages of worrying that we just can’t seem to escape. If you aren’t familiar with these feelings of anxiousness and restlessness, count your blessings for being the carefree individual you most likely are! Trust me, I am working every day on being more carefree in the best sense while still keeping up with daily responsibilities and maintaining stable relationships with my friends and family. & believe me! For someone who can let uncertainty get the best of her at times, it isn’t always easy to work through. Usually your worries are remotely small and things that a few weeks later don’t even cross your mind. Which is awesome, but at the same time can also make them hard for other people to relate to or help you out on!

I am slowly but surely deepening my relationship with God every single day. It isn’t a snap of my fingers and I am a changed person kind of deal, as nice and easy as that would be. However, one thing I have realized that stays constant in my journey with Him is that the more time during the day I spend talking to Him, the less time I have to worry. The more I trust in Him, the less concerned I am about simple problems that I face every day. It’s not easy. I can promise that. It’s actually really really hard to surrender all your struggles and things you think you can control to God and say “alright, take charge, I am following you” but in all honesty, that is the hardest step you have to take. The initial step of wanting that relationship and wanting God to have control of your worries and fears is the biggest step you are going to take.

That being said, it isn’t the ONLY step however. You’ve gotta maintain that trust every day. God has you in His hands and will forever take care of you as long as you trust in Him, but you’ve gotta put in some work yourself in order to stop worrying. For me, a big thing is journaling or taking walks. I love to walk to class and lately I have been listening to a Spotify playlist I made of some of my favorite songs that I journal to and just having that time to remember how great God is and how my entire day is already planned and protected by Him is a big step for setting my day off well. Journaling is another biggie for me. I journal every single day, and don’t leave out anything. I tell God my fears, all the bunches of them, and talk to Him as a friend. Looking over my journals and allowing myself to physically write out and lift up my worries to Him is something so beneficial to me and something I highly encourage you to try to do at least once a week if not every single night. It’s also crazy cool to look back at old journals and old problems that you thought would never be able to be solved and how you never even have them cross your mind anymore.

Throughout every worry that I have I always find myself thinking how I can’t wait for it to be resolved and I feel calm again. However, I will look back and remember that before that there was a different struggle, and before that there was another one. But, there were also joys in those times of struggle and there will be plenty more to come. My struggles and joys will change as will yours, but our God will remain the same and forever be our counsel. Nothin’ more cool than that.

I honestly can’t give you a step by step guide to staying calm and worry-free. Trust me, if there is one, I would have it memorized by now. I also can’t specifically instruct you on your relationship with God or force you to have one. But I can promise you that all your worries will end up okay. The things you are concerned about now will one day seem minuscule, your life will go on, and you’ll find yourself smiling. Best piece of advice I can give you? Don’t give up. Don’t let something you’re worried about mean you quit it all together. If you can’t go a day without thinking about someone or something, don’t give up on them or it. Be patient, be kind, be good to yourself, and be good to others. You may be worried about an outcome of something, but there is never a circumstance where you will regret being brave and kind. Don’t ever waste an ounce of your bravery and kindness.

Until next time, chins up and let’s do this!

xoxo, Ally


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