links i love 12/9/16


(First off, yay for pre-scheduled posts like this one that I was so excited to have go up today until I realized that I never actually pressed schedule…so hello from real time and happy actual Friday…)

Happy Friday (& Stop Day for me!) I am more than thrilled to have my first semester of college classes behind me (ASK me how stoked I am to never take a geography online quiz ever ever ever again!!!!!!!) Four finals and I am out of here and home for winter break for an entire month! Until then, here’s what I’ve been keeping up on mid-study breaks this past week!

1// I’m the biggest pajama junkie and theeeeeeseeeee i neeeeed.

2// Did you see how fricken adorable the sneak peek of Alpha Chi’s Christmas cards are this year via my insta???

3// Carly is one of my FAVORITE bloggers (I think I have established that a trillion times on here) and her gift guides are seriously what I wait for all year long. As I get older I honestly have trouble making a list for my parents of what I want (and trust me, college makes you realize how little you actually NEED), but these never fail to make me find more than a few things I suddenly “need”…


5// absolutely in love with this sweater and want it in all three colors I think I’ve decided…(lol tbt to two links ago when I said making a list of what I want is hard…)

6// my roomate and I and our roomie besties two floors up (hi rach & molly) are kind of obsessed with outdoing each other on our roomie Christmas cards and THIS made me die while finding fun ideas..

7// I have already shed a few tears at Pentatonixs Christmas work but this one is a whole new level of real real good..

Until next time, happy studying!


“what do you mean my dorm doesn’t allow me to bring in a real Christmas tree…?”




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