holiday happenings

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Hey friends! I am going to work on a few more posts to put up later this week but for now I thought I would just update you on life!

Well, I have officially survived my first semester of college. Not sure if survived is the best choice of the word, but it is over and quite honestly I am thrilled to begin a new semester filled with new classes, but this time not having to figure out the whole meeting people thing because I have already been blessed with quite a few fun friends to hang around that I already miss so much!!!! I never thought I would say it, but I got home Thursday night, and I already miss Kansas. Although it is super nice to be back in my own room and be able to make my own breakfast (dining hall eggs I am more than over…), it will for sure be a long month without some of my friends that live in other states. Honestly, it was less than 72 hours that I saw Rachel and it was already too long for me.

After dropping off my roomate at a halfway point between us (miss you maddie) my dad and I finished off the drive home late Thursday night and I’d be lying if I said my first stop wasn’t a bath. My mom had just got back from some last minute Christmas shopping and caught me just in time to let me use this and oh my it is the best thing ever! Crabtree&Evelyn has for sure become one of those things that I will never admit to but I am turning into my mother with in terms of how much I adore it. It has always been her go-to spot for gifts for her coworkers and as I am getting older I 100% agree!

I just also designed some bloggy Christmas cards of my own to send out to readers to thank them for stickin with me and joining in on the fun! I have a contact form below I will keep open until Thursday night if you would like one as well!!!

Well that’s about it for the quick wrap up! I am off today to finish up my Christmas crafting and maybe whip up a batch or two of my infamous “cheerio treats”…thanks again for that one mom…check back on the blog later this week for a surprise dealing with those delicious treats…maybe even a recipe who knows…

Stay warm and finish those finals strong to all my pals still pushing through those last days of school! Until next time!

xoxo, “do you think Santa does round trips to NYC and back at a discounted rate?” Ally



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