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Hey friends!

Happy Friday, normally the day of the week where I would have some  links that I am lovin’ for you to explore and hopefully love as well, but today I have something else I wanna share. I have talked about my faith and relationship with God every now and then here on the blog, and quite honestly it is one of my favorite things to talk about. Since coming to college, I have found myself understanding that it was no longer family mass on Sundays that was going to keep me steady in my faith life.

It was going to take and effort of myself truly wanting this two-way relationship with God and having to put myself out there in some of the hard times in my life and of course the good times as well. But the biggest thing that I have learned from creating this relationship on my own, is that like any other relationship you may have on Earth, communication is key. Taking the time out of your day to TALK to God is 1/2 of the battle of Him guiding you. He is always always always willing and wanting to help us out, and trusting in His ideas is SO important, but you’re going to have no idea what his ideas and plans are if you don’t take the time to listen to Him!

I’ve always been a big writer (obviously…), and so journaling is my main form of prayer. Writing down absolutely every feeling, worry, and gratitude that I have and taking time to reflect on why I am feeling all of these emotions is how I connect with God. Trust me, most days it isn’t even prayerful at all. There is frustration and anger and sorrow and confusion, but there is also trust in Him and His plans for me. There is trust that the pain I feel temporarily in that moment, can’t even begin to compare with all of the joy I will feel when His plan for me pays off.

There is no right or wrong way to talk to God, and I think this is something everyone struggles with. People are scared to initiate the conversation because they simply don’t know how. When in reality, it can be as simple as me waking up in the morning and taking time to just lay there and ask God what my plans for the day are. Now sure, you may not be sent this actual voice guiding you throughout your every move of that day. But taking the time to even just remind God, “hey, I’m in your hands today” is SO important.

I wanna keep this post pretty short and sweet because I don’t want to instruct you step by step how to build this relationship, but I do wish that you understand HOW important having conversations with God is. I promise you He wants nothing more than your happiness and success, and when you invite Him into your heart, the rest is easy.

So that’s all for today guys, just a little reminder that you’re loved and to take some time today to remind others of that too. You have no idea how much a quick text of appreciation can change someone’s day.

Until next time,” I will be eating one and only one of my advent calendar chocolates per day and you all are holding me to this”, xoxo,




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