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Now I know 2016 still contains a whole month left, but the new year has always been one of my favorite times of year…(not sure how else to phrase that,  I guess its the start of the year not a part of…hm.) Anyways, my New Years posts from the past two years are some of my most popular and well loved posts, simply because they discuss how I am not super huge on resolutions. I am a really big believer that we shouldn’t strive to make changes about ourselves just because there is a new year approaching. “new year new me” mentality is one of my least favorites to be quite honest. If you’re happy with aspects of your life or where you’re at right now, don’t change that?? You are who you are for a reason and the place you are at in life is also exactly where you are supposed to be, even though sometimes we wish we could have the power to change that, myself included.

One thing I DO want to start doing, is to start affirming myself and others. I read an article online about affirmations and how powerful they are to our human brains, and last year in theology class we affirmed our classmates with positive connotations we had about who they were as a person and I truly think this not only brought us closer, but helped us grow as individuals because a positive trait is so much harder to find about yourself than to have someone find for you. For someone whose brain is always searching for the next thing to do and is constantly full of “what if”s and very impractical and irrational possibilities of what my day and situations may bring about, choosing to place more affirmations into my life is something I want to do to reduce the stress and worry of the future, and recognize the good that is already in my life. Although I am a big fan, affirmations are more than just the “you go girl” or “you can do it” that you (admittedly) doodle in your planner to encourage you to get your things done well and on time.

So how exactly do affirmations work? Well it is as simple as turning a question into a statement. Affirmations can apply to SO many aspects of your life and are proven to not only bring a sense of calm, but to empower you and bring out the best version of yourself. For example, instead of saying, “Am I going to be ready for this test?” you tell yourself “with studying and good preparation, I WILL be ready for this test.” Non-academically, you can use affirmations to simply just feel good about where you’re at in life. Instead of constantly worrying about the steps along the way and constantly searching for this final destination of happiness, peace, success, whatever it may be that you’re looking to end up with, feel content about the JOURNEY! Find yourself proud of the every day moments. Think of your days as a day, a moment, a time period, not just time wasted using to get to this impractical perfect goal that you want to achieve.

Now I’m not saying setting goals and taking steps to get there is a bad thing, in fact I highly encourage it! But instead of stressing yourself out about how long it is taking you to get there or the road blocks along the way, make it a point to recognize that the steps you are taking should be just as enjoyable as the final goal.

Some affirmations I want to place more into my daily life are:

-“I am learning new things every day”

-“I am growing as a person”

-“I am proud of who I am”

-“I love my friends and family”

SUCH SIMPLE WORDS like these put into your brain can constantly remind yourself that entirely, it’s gonna be okay and that you’re doing awesome in life. I am a big supporter of positive intention and understanding that introducing affirmations into my life is something that I believe will allow me to remember who I am, and that I am proud of that.

So find your own affirmations. Find the things in your life or about yourself that you are proud of, and tell yourself them! Remind yourself every single day of these phrases and understand that by stating these with confidence, you are loving yourself in the biggest way, by encouraging yourself to be the very best version of who you are. That’s pretty great.

Happy hump day and have a fantastic rest of your week! My daily affirmation is:
there WILL be snow soon. *fingers crossed*

Until next time, xoxo, Ally



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