links I love 11/11/16


1// First off, Happy Veterans Day!! One HUGE thank you and virtual hug to every man + woman that has fought for our country. You guys are the all-stars, MVP’s, and I am hardcore your #1 fan. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!

2// My roomie and I got real festive last night and decided to decorate our dorm for Christmas..yeah its November 11  yeah we think ahead. There will be a more in-depth post up here soon but until then HERE are a few ideas on how you can decorate your dorm room for the holidays!

3// Did you get a chance to check out my latest outfit post? If not, check it HERE! I am already missing my sister’s closet from my quick weekend home….which is really really weird for me to say considering I’m pretty sure she has worn everything I own at one point in the game (whether she asked first or not)

4// SO if you’re even SLIGHTLY a Lilly lover, check this. you’ll be highly jealous.

5//I’ve been really missing my friends back home lately and have been Pinteresting the CUTEST gifts for them (maybe Christmas…?) and this one is on the top of my giving (and wanting…) list!

6// that’s all for this week because I have been super super super busy either doing school work or enrolling for classes or working on some fun stuff for you all on the blog! I hope you have an amazing weekend and catch ya all next week!

xoxo, Ally



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