s/o to global warming


top (similar) // pants // shoes (similar, target jeweled ones last season ):)

so quick shoutout to the ONE positive that is coming from this apparently very evident this year since when is it upper 80s in NOVEMBER global warming epidemic: off the shoulder tops for FALL! Who in the WORLD would have ever thought we would see the day? I got to sneak home last weekend and surprise my little sister and shoot some blog pics with my bestie and lemme tell ya those things are ten times more fun when you get to giggle the entire time. I end up learning a lot of life lessons every time we go out and snap some shots. This time included that short walks usually end up with some real fun garage background shots, that power posing is the BEST form of loving yourself, and that my dog REALLY likes apples. Like, really, likes apples.

So onto the outfit: I have been and always will be OBSESSED with denim. It goes with everything, it is so so fun, and gives me an excuse to wear colored pants (aka the ultimate power confidence booster in the fashion world. if you can rock colored pants, you can rock ANYTHING life throws at ya!) These shoes are my all time fav slip-on sneaks, probably because they resemble the love of my life leather ones but these are jeweled…um #duh? They sadly are from last season at Target but I linked some more subtle suede ones that I think are equally as darling.

Has it been abnormally warm where you are too? How have YOU been taking advantage of the warm weather in terms of your fashion choices?

Until next time, xoxo, Ally



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