Altar’d State!!!

This past weekend my mom + little sister came down for some last minute shopping and i FINALLY got to shop around one of the boutiques I have been dying to actually see in person for the LONGEST time. (following really pretty out-of-state stores on Instagram will do that to ya.) I got to peek around Altar’d State and am beyond obsessed with the entire brand and store as a whole. Granted they got a leg up considering I got to peek inside at the beginning of Holiday season aka when all the stores still have full stocks of sweaters and socks and the BEST Christmas decor! (if you don’t have at least 3 displays with fake snow, christmas tunes in the background, and at least 4 christmas scented candles I am not interested…) From some of my favorite bible quotes on the softest tees, to monogrammed mugs, to my *velvet!!!* semi-formal dress, ten/ten stars 100% for this place! I have linked below a few of my favorite items I am lusting off their website!

Out For Coffee Dress // Styles Booties  // Ennis Belle Sweater // Blythe Duffel Coat // Driftwood Angel Ornament // Flannel Ornament (personal fav. literally how stinkin’ cute?!) // my fav devotions book!


If everything wasn’t already flawless, they have prayer request books in every store and on-line as well! Here is the link to the one on their website because how cool is that!!  The power of prayer is pretty darn amazing when a whole bunch of savvy shoppers and girlies team up like that!

Do you have an Altar’d State in your area? If so do you adore it as much as I do? I am pretty positive this is about to be my new go-to shop for ALL my Christmas shopping this year!

until next time, xoxo, Ally



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