#52Lists // List 10


hey friends! I wanted to start this post off thanking my lovely gal pal Sara for influencing this post and my entire night of serenity honestly. I owe you like a latte or somethin girl, treats on me next time we’re back in the 402 bein neighbors and all that fun stuff. Before I left for college, Sara gave me “the 52 lists project” book by Moorea Seal because “she was at Anthro and it reminded her of me” (biggest compliment ever FYI.) God bless that girly and her sweet heart because I had been eyeing the book for the longest time. It’s heaven and then some for my list-aholic self who literally has at least 5 different lists on her desk at all points in the game.

Today was a day. After an 8 am geography lab, math class, and more geography, I was able to grab a quick lunch with my roomie and then hit the books for a few hours. It was one of those days where I had so much to do to the point where no matter HOW much I did, it constantly seemed like I got NOTHING done. I headed off to chapter for AlphaChi @ 6 and came back so frazzled at how much i had left to do. Walking into my dorm I realized how beautiful it was outside and it was absolute golden hour, and decided I needed the time alone. A little Mumford in the earbuds and I was off for a little dusk reflection run. Elle Woods, who is never wrong in the first place, wasn’t wrong when she said it best: endorphins make you happy. (or calm you down at least.) & I needed a few calming moments to say the least.

I got  back & decided to pull out my Bible and Sara’s gift. I hadn’t started list making yet because I was “waiting for the right day.” Take note, I am the kind of person who won’t wear clothes she got for a gift until it’s the “right day” or wouldn’t throw away balloons as a kid until they were literally more deflated than before they were blown up or feels bad taking stickers off, even if they’re volunteer nametags…it’s a weird issue. ANYWAYS, I flipped through the list topics to find a page that was aesthetically pleasing to insta (literally) before I found one that I kept coming back too, and even though it wasn’t the most Instagrammable topic, it kept poking at my lil heart, so I grabbed my favorite pen (you know you have one) and went in for the kill (wow i make this sound SO intense, I told you, i REALLY like lists…)


“Stop worrying about people who aren’t worried about you”

personified storm clouds// okay this one seems silly, but you know who I am talking about, the people who are CONSTANTLY negative. I admit I can have my own funks, but no one likes being around people who are never in a good mood. idk, just…smile? It’s SO easy and again, silly, but actually PHYSICALLY smiling is scientifically proven to make you happier. #themoreyouknow #ishouldbeadoctor #hahahahhaha but for real, quote myself, “create your own frickin sunshine babe” (wow someone please make that an aesthetically pleasing Pinterest quote)

my to-do list// oh ever so ironic as I am writing in a book solely dedicated to lists…however, it is so true. Like tonight, I needed to just take a step back from my tasks for a hot second and take some time for myself, take some time to realize the situation and what I can do to achieve the tasks at hand. I have a huge problem with talking about how much I have to do even more than working on what I have to do, and I know I’m not the only one. It can be as simple as closing your eyes and breathing for a second, but giving yourself these moments will overall relieve some stress. Occasionally, doing NOTHING is the BEST thing for yourself and I know I need to take some of my own medicine, but it is OKAY to say NO. (honestly someone tattoo that across my forehead and hand me a mirror every time I see a sign-up sheet)

fear of dislike// oh here’s a biggie for me. I TRY so hard to be confident, love myself, and be unapologetic, heck, I hope we all at least TRY. However, trust me, I know how it feels to get upset over the silliest things that honestly make you laugh over the fact that you’re affected. Today I actually physically cried because someone unfollowed me on Instagram. (literally, how many tears do you think the new update caused…? Oh Insta. You heartbreaker.) But think about that two hours later and I am laughing out loud because of the silliness of the situation. Understand that YOU are YOU and not everyone is gonna be a fan. BE YOURSELF, if others can hang with that, great, if not, whatever. & plus, if they “don’t like you” and still pay attention enough to everything you do in order to critique it…haters are fans who just won’t admit it.

people who distract from God// simple. Heaven is cheerin you on every single day, I like to think pompoms and all. If there is someone or something in your life who is bringing you farther from Him, pull in the defense and simply remove it. I’m not saying you can’t be friends with people who don’t outwardly encourage your faith life, but know when to turn someone in your life’s volume up, and when to keep it down. People can be in your life as they please, but YOU are the one who decides HOW they affect you.

the “mean me”// the girl who doubts her dreams. the girl who thinks she isn’t good enough, isn’t smart enough, isn’t pretty enough, isn’t enough. ignore her. she has NOTHING to say about you that you cannot prove wrong. you control yourself, so go get ’em girl. show yourself how it is done.

Big ole shoutout yet again to Sara, you rock more than you know friend!

Look into the 52 Lists Project if you’re like me and they keep you sane. I think I will for sure be doing more posts on my other lists!

Until next time, xoxo, Ally


2 thoughts on “#52Lists // List 10

  1. Shan says:

    Okay you’re actually perfect
    You’re like a cute lil volcano spewing wisdom and happiness and making it into an island of amazing (or almazing!)
    Love you lots pup! Happy spookiversary! Xoxo Shan 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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