Lawrence Lovin’

I’ve only been here a few weeks…but lemme show ya my city:




for anyone of my speech pals who reads this, you know how giddy this find made me!

It’s Friday & my family comes in town for the weekend to see my little home away from home tomorrow and so tonight was meant for adventures. I knew i needed (okay wanted, but kinda needed) yet another PSL (1/2 the syrups add a pump of chai then thank me later.) Despite my multiple requests to the weather to match my wanting to be cozy instagram aesthetic, I made a sweaty walk downtown to Mass St. for some adventuring alone. Mass St. is only about a 10 minute walk form my residence hall and I never mind the walk down because of the goegeous brick roads (it’s an aesthetic thing) and all the quirkyness that Lawrence has to offer!

What are some of the fun places to adventure in your college town?

xoxo, Ally


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