Homecoming Dress Options {under $100}

Homecoming time was honestly my favorite season of high school by far. I am {not} a huge dance kind of gal (just forget the $$$ spent on dance lessons for 15 years of my life along with 3 years on my high school dance team…) but the whole aspect of getting dressed up and dress shopping is such a fun and exciting process. Honestly it is something to do towards the beginning of the school year that isn’t homework. Plus seeing all your friends dressed up and when you went to an all-girls high school, it meant barely recognizing anyone without the messy hair and slept in uniforms. I know that finding a dress was always a semi stressful process between getting to stores once dresses are picked over and not wanting to have the same dress as anyone else! So I whipped out a few of my top favorites I found online for some inspiration! I know I always found myself picking out much more casual dresses that I was comfortable in (did someone say pockets? in a dress? sold every time) compared to ones that looked over the top. slide1

{one} {two} {three}  {four} {five}

Maybe this is my high school nostalgia settling in after about a month of college now, but I can’t wait to see what my high school buddies decide to wear this year! Let me know what dress you end up wearing if you’re in high school or if you end up loving one of my picks!

xoxo, Ally


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