FRIENDS! Hi!!! How are ya??? I hope your Monday (or whatever day you happen to be reading this on, I don’t discriminate) is filled already to the brim with lots of love and smiles. If you do happen to be following along as I write and ARE in fact reading this on a Monday, get PUMPED, because it is MONDAY! Monday haters used to be my biggest pet peeve, because who doesn’t like a new beginning? I swear those people are basically just saying, “nah, no fun for me because I am too focused on keeping my weekend mentality forever that Mondays simply can never ever be fun.” Losers. Anyways, onto the point of this post.

Yesterday my pals and i packed up our shiz and headed off to the local Starbucks after a late noon brunch downtown.


take note they literally requested I take a picture of them to put on my blog..


We had already had our coffee for the morning so I settled on tea (and maybe later ended up getting a mini frappucino because sometimes ya girl just needs that kind of excitement and sugar in her life aight?) and got down to business. They lie to you when they say syllabus week in college is a breeze, just FYI incase you aren’t quite here yet. Sure the first five minutes of your classes are introductions by the teacher but after that you’re diving into the whole learning deal, which I guess, does make sense considering it is, school, whatever. Two hours of homework and papers and online quizzes and since when do I have to do math online later…we were are BRAIN DEAD.


cute shot of my pals *PRE* brain dead

After a quick nap back at my dorm I was able to restart my brain and journal a little bit. This is my absolute favorite type of alone time. Picture this: Jack Johnson’s Banana Pancakes on in the background, jcrew camp socks, old big sweatshirt on covered in blanks type of deal. Yeah, the good stuff. While journaling, I usually have one or two main points that come to my mind. Yesterdays was power. The fact that WE have power. Sometimes I forget this, especially being on such a huge college campus where I seem like such a small percentage of the mass of students, faculty, staff, and other members of the University. I forget that even though there are so many authoritative figures available to help me, that I too, have power. Maybe not decide how much homework or when I can leave class kinda power, but the power over myself and what I control. It is a pretty darn crazy coolio kinda thing when you break it down for yourself.

Think of it like this: you wanted to be something when you grew up when you were a little kid. They asked you in maybe even as young as preschool and we all had a preselected answer (or three or in my case like seventeen ranging from full time ballerina to dolphin trainer.) We, the older versions of those cute and big dreaming kiddos, have the power to actually make those said dreams a reality. Now, I don’t ever see myself becoming any of the options of my 5 year old career choices and I am sure most of yours have changed as well, but it goes for more than careers as well. You want to be on a certain sports team? Do it. You want to write a book? Do it. You want to run an instagram solely dedicated to your pups? Do it. You want to be a good friend, daughter, and sister? Do it. You want to get the best grades possible? Do it. You want to run a fashion and lifestyle blog that empowers girls and guys everywhere to live the best lives they can? Doing it. 

It isn’t all about how you get there, how other people view your final result, or how accomplished others may see it. Are YOU happy? And did YOU do everything possible to work hard to get to where you are? Awesome.

Set your minds to things guys. Find things you’re truly passionate about, whether that is Pinterest, or Halloween, or cooking, or reading, or dancing, or just being the best person you can. Have some YOUpower, believe that it is real. I know it seems cheesy, but change your mindset to understand that you’re here for a reason. I saw a quote that said this whole life deal isn’t just a rehearsal, it is the REAL DEAL. Make the best of it, keep yourself going, find the POWER in the things you wanna do and make those things happen.

What are YOU going to have the power to make happen today?
xoxo, Ally


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