weekly whirlwind

CAN I START THIS OUT TELLING YOU ALL HOW GOOD IT FEELS TO BE TYPING ON MY LAPTOP???? Oh my goodness. My good ole 2012 Macbook Pro charger FRAYED on Thursday and I have been laptop-less ever since and yes that is 4 days but for someone who uses typing as a stress relieving outlet, oh buddy. I used to do these “weekly whirlwind” posts a lot and for some reason fell out of the habit of doing them, but now that I am in college I really want to start them up again to be able to have a place to look back and see what I was up to, along with having a place for my family and friends to see what I am up to as well!


{t.loft} if you’re from anywhere in KC or Lawrence, this is a MUST. When my momma and siblings were in town for family weekend I made them make the trek and it was SO worth it. Not only was the atmosphere super aesthetically pleasing but the buffalo chicken quinoa bowl complete with avocadoes & blue cheese was to die for! also, let me mention that is practically all of my favorite flavors in one dish. nom.


chapter on Mondays is always a fun excuse to see my Alpha Chi sisters, but formal chapter is an even more fun reason to dress up & to wear really fun pink shoes and white sundresses. (shhh don’t tell anyone it’s past Labor Day)


how cute are the AXO letters for family weekend??? I am in love, the girls who painted them did such a good job! My mom is pretty darn cute as well!


For anyone who knows me, you’ll know these are my straight guilty pleasure. PUMPKIN SPICE ONES???? you’re kidding. target, you get me.

Oh how good it feels to catch up. As for now, my roomie and I are about to rearrange our dorm room. lol, wish us luck.

Until next time, xoxo, Ally



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